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    Posted by Melusine (U2266655) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    I'm not mean - I'm quite prepared to pay for my own music - or bake cakes to sell to raise money, but WHY does anyone think that folk should be paid money to lose weight for their own good? 

    See my post #33. Note the use of the word 'regularly'.  

    And presumably if she hasn't done an Adelaide ("Adelaide, who's ""quite dismayed; the more she ate, the less she weighed") she just keeps putting it all back on again.
    There were mutterings amongst the tenors about an Eddie-Grundy-style weigh-in....

    Loved the comparison, Flea... I might trot that one out if anyone gets too demanding of sponsorship.

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    Posted by PinaGrigio (U11141735) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    glad to see I'm not the only one to be getting irritated at requests for sponsorship. I had an email from a friend earlier this month to tell me that he was giving up booze for the month and would I sponsor him to do so. Thing is, MrG & I do this as well but would never have thought of asking for sponsorship for it! And he's quite well off, so my (very uncharitable) thought was why doesn't he just give the money he's saved on booze to the charity and leave it at that? Grrrr!

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    Posted by firetree (U15571424) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    One of the curious things about much fund raising is that it would be more efficient for the event not to have happened, and the people involved to have donated the money they spent making cakes/organising tombola/paying for the parachute jump. If you factor in time, donating a days wages rather than spending a week organising something also works.

    But it's not as much fun, doesn't bring people together, and doesn't mop up spare cash.

    I don't actually mind be approached for sponsorship or whatever, but feel able to say no if it's not a cause I want to give to. I don't actually want to help fund the school swimming pool or football shirts but I will happily give to other causes.

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    Posted by What larks (U14260755) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    Making cakes and organising a tombola are quite different from a sponsored parachute jump because the contributors are getting something back, even if they are paying over the odds for the cake or ticket.

    But something upthread has given me the idea of asking my nieces for sponsorship for cleaning my kitchen. I shall say it is for the blind, because I need one to block out the light.

    [retreats mumbling into whiskers)

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    Posted by Prinkma (U14661090) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    Brilliant idea! Even better if you get THEM to do the cleaning, on the grounds that you'll be donating the money for their work to the blind. Or was that what you meant?

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