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What will happen to Julia?

There's a huge thread going on in DTA, and I add my condolences ...


Roots Nov 2, 2005

Please don't recast Jools

Not sure if I am posting in the right bit, but I am asking all ...


cat_lady Nov 2, 2005


I'm fairly new to these boards but I'm totally baffled as to why my ...


Roots Nov 2, 2005

Jenny's Website

Don't know where to post this so I'm sticking it in here. If you ...


Marmalade Drizzle Nov 2, 2005

Techy question

Should really be in The Bull but we've had quite enough about the ...


Sea Nymph Nov 2, 2005

no subject

Can anyone tell me the name of the actress that plays nigels mother ...


GrumpyJ Oct 31, 2005

Who was Richard 'Stapler Man' ...

Tue, 25 Oct 2005 14:52:56 GMTWas just going through the last ...


Low Flyer Oct 31, 2005

Backstage News

...about as up-to-date as yesterday's cold coffee. Some ...


cat_lady Oct 31, 2005

Can anybody advise me?

Fairly new to the MB and have enjoyed joining in a bit, but ...


Roots Oct 31, 2005


Have Roy and Haley adopted Phoebe?


allanro Oct 30, 2005

Who's Who 2006

I expect Jack not to remember exactly how many wives he had, ...


RosieT Oct 30, 2005

Ringtone links

none of these work.This is a note, rather than a query. Just ...


(U184861) Oct 30, 2005

Emma & george

Would it not be better if Will just said to Emma & Ed you can ...


GrumpyJ Oct 30, 2005

Debbie Aldridge

I cannot put if off any longer, I have been watching Love Soup for ...


patsyjo Oct 30, 2005

Kula and Shenton.

Please can some kind listener remind me how they got those ...


flax Oct 30, 2005

What on earth has happened to ...

I am in the US at the moment, listening to each episode on ...


bridget-e Oct 29, 2005

Backstage News about as up-to-date as yesterday's cold coffee. ...


cat_lady Oct 29, 2005

Ken Ton and Shula

Coud listeners please tell me how Phil and Jill came up with these ...


Tom Harris Oct 27, 2005

DNA tests on George Grundy

How does a DNA confirm which of two brothers is the father of a ...


Purplesarah4 Oct 26, 2005

Have we lost the vote?



Penny-has-it Oct 25, 2005

Welcome to the new board

Well, here it is and I hope you like it.If you need help at any ...


Keri Davies Oct 25, 2005

OML closure

When, exactly?The party needs to know!


Lady Macbeϯh ... Oct 25, 2005


When I see my discussions in the list, some kind soul has added ...


cat_lady Oct 24, 2005


Are any of the scenes in TA improvised? I felt in some of ...


iphigeniaina mbridge Oct 24, 2005

Hayley. Original or not

I don't think Hayley's character is being played by the original ...


emmarose Oct 23, 2005

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