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How many posters

are there? Lurker, occasional or regular, let's each sign only ...


snarklehound Feb 20, 2013

Mike's Laws and the Glossary ...

I was looking for these the other day and the link I had kept to ...


Chris Ghoti Feb 19, 2013

Expert listeners and ...

There have been many many examples in here of the listeners having ...


careen Feb 19, 2013

Tayler / Keri - Future Queries

Hi Tayler, KeriOne of the best and for me most valued benefits of ...


Mustafa Grumble Feb 19, 2013


Have we got a new Clarrie?


JILL R Feb 19, 2013

BBC M'boards - What will remain?

Tayler - (or anyone)What percentage (by activity) of the ...


Organoleptic Icon Feb 18, 2013

Has anybody got any idea ...

TIA. exxers


exxers Feb 17, 2013

After the board is over - new ...

The great advantage that the BBC board has over other sites is ...


Organoleptic Icon Feb 16, 2013

Taking over the message board.

If the BBC/Radio 4 don't want to continue hosting this board. ...


Chris Walter Feb 16, 2013

Do the Archers have anything ...

on this closure? I mean, do any of the actual actors ever come ...


DiamondLil Feb 16, 2013

Brief host holiday & cover

Hi allJust to let you know that I'm away from tomorrow - back on ...


Tayler Cresswell... Feb 15, 2013


Have I missed her dumping Iftikar for someone else? Don't remember ...


catwomyn Feb 14, 2013

I can't login to Peets, but ...

I have tried several times today to login to the Peets' board ...


RosalindF Feb 14, 2013

Search function?

Some time ago we were promised a search function for the MB. ...


mike Feb 13, 2013

Missing RAJAR figures.

Dear Tayler,I am missing the following quarters’ RAJAR ...


Seveek Feb 13, 2013

Tolly and Spearmint: Given ...

Hi Tayler!I am sure the production team enjoy equine related ...


Ginslinger Redux Feb 13, 2013

Ambridge Extra segregation on ...

Tayler on FB & Twit how are the deniers protected from mention ...


Organoleptic Icon Feb 12, 2013

What's happened to Clarrie.?

I've just listened to Sunday's episode and Carrie is a ...


Joyrancommco m Feb 12, 2013

Cockatiel Cock-up

Despite Linda Smell's typically peevish comment about Hilary ...


barwick_gree n Feb 12, 2013

What chapel is Rob talking about?

Hi Tayler.Rob said he was a ringer in chapel, and I'm a bit ...


conductor Feb 12, 2013

Is Archers' Addicts going to ...

There's a thread asking this over on DTA ...


Peggy Monahan Feb 11, 2013

what has happened to Clarrie ...

I was surprised to not recognise Clarries voice at Williams party.


marymckinley Feb 11, 2013

Written synopsis

Where has the daily written synopsis gone from the Archers ...


hedgehogs282 Feb 11, 2013

The Carter/Tucker Hens

When Betty first got those hens she had "two hundred and fifty ...


Chris Ghoti Feb 11, 2013

Tayler, what was that RUBBISH ...

That is my only question. Stop it. Just bluddy well stop it. It ...


MsMumbo-Jumb o Feb 11, 2013

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