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Finding Simon

These are Archer memories from the mid nineteen fifties. My father ...


geoffrey paterson Jan 12, 2013

Ambridge Map and who lives where

I feel such an idiot as a long time listener asking this, but ...


DracoM1 Jan 12, 2013

The Archers Quiz

Hi allJust to let you know that The Archers Quiz is back on the ...


Tayler Cresswell Jan 11, 2013

How old is this Rob bloke?

Just trying to work out if it will be Lizard, Dobbin, Hellin, ...


politebirder Jan 11, 2013

Why doesn't Lillian just ...

and shack up with Paul ? Neither of them is married so what's the ...


Alyson6 Jan 11, 2013

Peggy's stroke - what

Peggy, at Whitby, walked Lillian (who is meant to be a reasonably ...


carrick-bend Jan 10, 2013

Are Lilian and Elizabeth not ...

Their respective fathers were brothers. Why did Elizabeth ...


Alyson6 Jan 9, 2013

Who played Matthew Watkins?

On December 6th the bank sent someone to talk with Elizabeth ...


Chris Ghoti Jan 9, 2013

Rob on the who's who

Unless there is a somewhat unorthodox situation going on ...


Ginslinger Redux Jan 7, 2013

Backing music question

There was a certain amount of debate about this in DTA which I ...


Chris Ghoti Jan 7, 2013

Tony and Pat

I would like to know what has happened to Tony, Pat, Helen and ...


Marianne Howell Jan 7, 2013


Tayler, would you let Keri know that on Rob's page on the Who's ...


Dora Pandle Jan 7, 2013


I haven't listened to The Archers for some time and now ...


topsymo Jan 6, 2013

Tayler, just heard New Year's ...

and Lizzie calling Lillian aunty grated even more than the first ...


Alyson6 Jan 6, 2013

Peggy and the steps - ...

Tayler - is it possible to ask June Spencer whether she thinks ...


PollyGlot Jan 6, 2013

Who lives at Blossom Hill ...

can't find out from who's who.


Purple_Hay Jan 5, 2013

Paul's background and backstory

Could one of the Team give us the correct information about what ...


Captain Jan 5, 2013

bob pullen

who is he? how is bob pullen connected with jill archer & joe ...


MYMAIL Jan 3, 2013


Does anyone own the affairs cds and vintage archers cd? Thinking ...


anambridgeex tra Jan 3, 2013


What is Alice's job?I remember her doing an engineering degree. ...


bob larkin Jan 1, 2013

Afternoon Play - "Stormchasers"

Today's Archers repeat was followed by the story of two men ...


Organoleptic Icon Dec 31, 2012

Bob Pullen

Who was Bob Pullen, and has he ever had a speaking part?


Jo Lemon Dec 31, 2012

Friday's episode

I missed out on yesterday's episode. When Is it appearing on ...


Rom Dec 29, 2012

Matts Visa

He wouldn't be eligible for the visa waver as he has a criminal ...


Bruxanna Grips ... Dec 29, 2012

Missing podcasts

Hi TaylerI wonder if you could ask soemone to explain how the ...


Mieteka Dec 28, 2012

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