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How do I...? Message board FAQs

Answers to many common questions about this message board – for ...


Tayler Cresswell Feb 25, 2013

A fond farewell - board ...

Morning allMustardland closes at noon today. I would like to say ...


Tayler Cresswell Feb 25, 2013

Forwarding address

Tayler, I've just noticed in the TVH sticky that you've said ...


Fee Feb 25, 2013

Will our names disappear...?

When looking at the BBC weather page I noticed that my ...


rick_yard_wi thdrawn Feb 25, 2013

How did Shula and Kenton get ...

While listening to this evening's episode I suddenly wondered ...


mike Feb 25, 2013

Valedictory Tribute to Tayler ...

This seems the right place to bid Tayler farewell.Tayler you have ...


Organoleptic Icon Feb 25, 2013

A new flexible world of ...

You know in the new places we can attach files, embed photos, edit ...


Organoleptic Icon Feb 24, 2013

Getting rid of my posting history

Sorry, I know it's been explained loads of times but I never ...


cath Feb 24, 2013

Cross boarding by Hosts

Hi TaylerA host from another board is linking my discussions from ...


Spartacus Feb 24, 2013

The Blog(s) on The Archers ...

Since we will apparently restricted to using these blogs ...


JoinedPeetsB oard_Smee... Feb 24, 2013

The Message Board Archives

We were once told nothing was kept from MB discussions. Is this ...


rick_yard_wi thdrawn Feb 24, 2013

Who was the first to ask....

How Shula and Kenton got their unusual names....?


rick_yard_wi thdrawn Feb 23, 2013


Can you tell me *when* the budget for the message board moved from ...


RosieT Feb 23, 2013

Why is my name not appearing ...

I've played the quiz several times while signed into BBC but ...


Webbed feet Feb 23, 2013

Accessing the board ...

Tayler, I wonder if you'd be kind enought to clarify a couple of ...


one who posted ... Feb 23, 2013

Will our screen names change ...

TaylerThis query arose from my "musings" on another thread ..[ ...


JoinedPeetsB oard_Smee... Feb 22, 2013

written updates?

How can I read what has happened since 10 January, when I went ...


Tony Feb 22, 2013

After Noon 25-2-2013

I have logged on and had to log in this morning.Will I still be ...


poshquilter Feb 22, 2013

Closure of The Archers ...

I’m the Interactive Editor of Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra and am ...


Nigel Smith Feb 22, 2013

British Library to archive ...

Thanks to a nomination by a member of the public (someone from this ...


Tayler Cresswell Feb 21, 2013

Archers listeners often DO ... F2693942?thread=8342476Have a ...


careen Feb 21, 2013


Goodbye, I love you all.


FowPah Feb 20, 2013

Closing Time

Can we please have an assurance that ML will remain active up ...


Death Where Is ... Feb 20, 2013

Home page vote & results

Hi allSomeone asked about the home page vote results recently, so ...


Tayler Cresswell Feb 20, 2013

Ms. Cresswell

In your posting of April 15th 2012, you stated that the ...


RosieT Feb 20, 2013

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