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    Posted by Pat_Clifton (U14447939) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    [Apologies: I cannot remember the name of the LoLo trustees and have neither the time nor the inclination to go trawling for them, but I think the chair is called Stephen, isn’t he?]

    The Lower Loxley Trustees were in private session in the Grand Drawing Room. Stephen shuffled his papers decisively:
    “So…are we all agreed, then?”
    “I don’t think we have any choice, do we? Elizabeth is working contrary to our Objects. Do you think this,erm..” the grey-haired trustee on Stephen’s left looked at his minutes, “Roy Tucker is up to the job, Stephen?”
    “Well, he will certainly be more pliable. He has proved himself competent since he was appointed. He definitely isn’t any worse than Elizabeth. We could give him a six month trial, to be sure”
    “I do hope Elizabeth won’t create any difficulties, Stephen?”
    “That’s why I brought Grant along.” Stephen nodded to a tall burly figure wearing a bomber jacket and an earpiece, who was stood impassively by the door.
    “I must say, I don’t terribly like the idea of her remaining in situ for two weeks.”
    “Speaking as your legal advisor,” interjected the man on the opposite side of the table, “It is my opinion that we are obliged to do so…much as we might prefer to escort her off the premises now and strew her possessions along the drive.”
    “I will second Grant to Lower Loxley or the next fortnight,” continued Stephen. “In the circumstances, we’d better do this formally: All those in favour of removing Elizabeth Pargeter from the management of Lower Loxley raise your hand … Unanimous. Good. Now, we’d better be sure of our arrangements before we break it to her: Grant, ask Mr Tucker to step in here, would you?”

    Wordlessly, Grant left the room and reappeared moments later with Roy. As they entered the room, Elizabeth barged past them looking flustered.
    “Stephen! What’s going on?”
    “Elizabeth, could I ask you please to wait outside until we’ve spoken to Roy?”
    “I demand to be present when you speak to my staff. Why are you excluding me like this?”
    “There are certain protocols we need to observe, Elizabeth. Grant, could you escort Mrs Pargeter outside, please? Maybe she would like a cup of tea?”
    Without knowing quite how it happened, Elizabeth found herself sat in her apartment, being made a hot drink by the taciturn Grant.

    Stephen turned to Roy with what he hoped was a reassuring smile: “Now, Roy, do take a seat. How long have you been with us now? Do you enjoy your work?”
    “Yes, thank you,” said Roy, wondering where this was heading.
    “You’ve certainly come up with some innovative ideas – renaming the rarebreeds for example. Nevertheless, the trustees have certain concerns as to the direction in which Lower Loxley is headed.”
    “I hope I haven’t done anything out of turn. Elizabeth has always seemed very happy.” Roy looked nervous.
    Stephen tried his smile again: “Let me reassure you, Roy, that the trustees are very happy with you. Mrs Pargeter has, however, acted in contravention of our Objects and, reluctantly, we will have to remove her from Lower Loxley. This obviously leaves us with a vacancy as Manager. We would like to offer it to you, on a six month trial, initially.”
    Roy sat, open mouthed, so Stephen continued: “You would remain at your current salary initially, to be reviewed at the end of your probation. There would be accommodation, of course and you could have that within two weeks.”
    “Accommodation? But none of the estate cottages are free, are they?”
    Stephen raised his eyebrows.
    “You mean…HERE? In the big house?” His jaw dropped again.
    Stephen nodded and spoke into a walkie talkie on his desk: “Grant, could you ask Mrs Pargeter to come in, please?”
    In less time than seemed possible, Elizabeth reappeared, closely followed by Grant. Roy made to leave, but Stephen indicated he should stay. He pointed to a spare chair for Elizabeth, but did not smile at her.
    “Elizabeth, as Trustees, it is our duty to ensure that you operate Lower Loxley in accordance with Nigel’s wishes, that is to say according to the Objects set out in our Trust Deed. In attempting to dispose of certain assets and take on large amounts of debt, without consulting us, you are acting contrary to these Objects. With regret, it is the unanimous decision of the Trustees that you should be removed from office, with immediate effect. You will be paid six months’ salary in lieu of notice. You may remain in your apartment for two weeks. That should give you ample opportunity to make alternative arrangements and say your goodbyes. After that, we will issue Lilly and Freddie with Passports, so they can come and go as they wish, together with one for an accompanying adult, obviously not you.”
    “You can’t do this! This is our home! It’s certainly not what Nigel Would Have Wanted.”
    Stephen gave her a rather colder smile than the one he’d given Roy:
    “Fortunately, the Trust Deed sets out precisely what Nigel Wanted and we are acting in accordance with what it says: The estate is to be preserved for Freddie. He will of course be welcome to come and go as he pleases and, we hope in due course he will do work experience and so forth here. I should also add that the trustees will continue to pay his school fees.”
    “And Lilly’s?”
    Stephen grimaced: “Sadly, no. But I’m told Borchester Green is very good. Grant, perhaps you could escort Mrs Pargeter back to her apartment? I expect she would like some help packing.”

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    Posted by RosieT (U2224719) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    Stephen Maidment, I think.

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    Posted by Pat_Clifton (U14447939) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    Thanks, that sounds right. I was having difficulty disentangling the LoLo trustees and the BL board members!

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    Posted by Organoleptic Icon (U11219171) on Tuesday, 19th February 2013

    Amusing but impossible. She has a life interest and cannot be displaced.

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    Posted by Vicky S (U2258400) on Tuesday, 19th February 2013

    Amusing but impossible. She has a life interest and cannot be displaced.   If we can be displaced so can she. It's what Mustardland would have wanted.........

    Thanks Pat.

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    Posted by Organoleptic Icon (U11219171) on Tuesday, 19th February 2013

    Amusing but impossible. She has a life interest and cannot be displaced.

    If we can be displaced so can she. 

    Sadly we have no life interest.

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