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    Posted by Vicky S (U2258400) on Saturday, 22nd December 2012

    Tom opened the fridge door and frowned. Not much. He tentatively poked at a piece of barely recognisable cheese, then grabbed a slice of quiche and stuffed it noisily into his mouth, swallowing it down with a glug of quinoa juice.

    The door behind him opened. He swung round. An elderly couple stood there, one of them holding the hand of a small child wearing a cosy red snow jacket and Thomas wellies. Strangers in the kitchen! Tom's eyes narrowed.

    "Who are you?" he demanded. "How did you get in here?"

    The elderly man spoke. "It's us Tom. Your parents. And this is Baby Henry. Henry, say hello to your Uncle Tom ."

    "Hello Uncle Tom," the small child parroted.

    "We live here Tom. This is our home." explained the woman.

    Tom nodded slowly. "Yes," he said, "I think I remember you now. But it's been a long time."

    The couple nodded in turn.

    "Anyway," Tom went on, "I've got to get going." He walked to the back door, then turned. "Actually, if you live here this message is probably for you. It was was on the phone with all my messages. Can you call someone called Rich.They didn't leave a number"

    "Rich?" the woman looked puzzled, "Who the heck is Rich?"

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    Posted by Nelson_G (U13801071) on Sunday, 23rd December 2012


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