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Eleezabeethan Serenade

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    Posted by Deb Z (U2256349) on Thursday, 6th December 2012

    "Hokay" said Wolfgang, picking up his charango, "Less try eet from the top". He strummed a chord, and began to sing in his deep baritone, "Weeth hay an' ho an' nonnee nonnee …"

    "Ooooooooooow", howled Scruffy at the top of his voice.

    "Am-aaa-zeeng!" proclaimed Wolfgang.

    "Dees-aaas-ter," hissed Salieri under his breath.

    Frowning at his son and heir, Wolfgang continued, addressing Scruffy, " I theenk you begeeneeng to ged there. Shall we try juss one more time? Wassat? You theenk you hear Don Roberto rattleeng you food bowl? Weell, eef you muss…"

    He opened the door of the shed and Scruffy rushed out nearly knocking over Constanza, who was standing on the doorstep.

    "Whaefer thad?" she gasped, putting her basket on the table, taking her hat and scarf off and checking in the mirror that her ribbons were in place.

    "Papa – call me Gareth Malone –has a new project," explained Salieri, picking up a pot of glue.

    Constanza cocked an enquiring eyebrow at Wolfgang.

    "Eet for Leenda's Eleezabeethan efeneeng – though why I bother ees beyond my compreehensíon! I make much bedder Lord of Meesrule than Kenton Archer, I show her what Meesrule ees, I…"

    "Si," interrupted Constanza, desperately trying to stem the flow, "Bud whad Scruffee haf do weeth eet?"

    "I teach heem seeng!" announced Wolfgang.

    "I see," said Constanza slowly, "Maybee Leenda not so stupida…"

    "He breeng the house down!"

    "He certainly will if he "sings" like that! What have you got in you basket, Mama?"

    "Notheeng, eet all gone!"

    "All gone?"

    "I haf been veeseeteeng seeck and needy of village!"

    "I jollee surprised you back so earlee – muss be full time job!"

    "Who's ill?" enquired Salieri, sprinkling gold glitter onto the holly leaves on the Christmas wreath he was making.

    "Oh, Beell, Ben, Meetch, Meg… They nod reallee eell, but they nod getteeng anee younger – so I take them beescuits wheech I add you Papa's special herb to for their rheumatism."

    "You add whad?" Wolfgang was not amused.

    "Awesome," commented Salieri, "I don't suppose you have any biscuits left?"

    "Why? You haf rheumateecs?" Constanza snorted. "Then of course, I deelifer food parcel for Georgee's guinea peeg, juss eencase Emma nod find monees to feed heem. We haf nice leettle chad."

    "You mean, nice leettle gosseep 'boud the faileeng fortunes of Emma and Ed and how you could manage to feed familee of twentee on ten pee a day, an' makeeng do an' mendeeng, and how make noureeshing meals from notheeng?"

    "We talk 'boud South Amereeca actuallee."

    "I hope you didn't tell him they eat guinea pigs there?"

    "Doan bee sillee! I nod so eensensiteevo! Oh my goodneess – you doan theenk…?" A horrifying thought struck Constanza, "You doan theenk they eat heem?" she whispered. " I mean eet mighd bee geneteec – look what happen to José's ferrets!"

    "They ate them?" Salieri savoured this thought with gruesome relish.

    "No – ad leass I nod hear thad. Perhaps I eenvide heem stay here, eet mighd be safer."

    "He's not sharing my bedroom!"

    "Een Eleezabeethan times they haf to leeve on Pareesh,"mused Wolfgang, "Although, I eggspect Veecar eat all meence pies efen then. I wonder…."

    Salieri and Constanza waited with baited breath.

    "I haf idea!" pronounced Wolfgang finally.

    "Ssssss," hissed Constanza and Salieri, once again breathing.

    "Si. Eet verree good idea," said Wolfgang modestly, "Geef me pen and paper! I write counter tenor part for heem – I 'spose he haf high peetched squeak?"

    "No nonnee, no nonnee, no nonnee no!"

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    Posted by JustJanie - Fairweather Strider (U10822512) on Thursday, 6th December 2012

    Hey nonny, the lamas are back! Fantastic, Deb!

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    Posted by LaughingGas (U14852402) on Thursday, 6th December 2012

    This is what we come to FA for. Wonderful to have the Llamas back. Wolfgang as Lord of Meesrule is something not to be missed and I love the hamster with the high pitched voice. Thank you. Made my week

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    Posted by Celtic Tiger (U2229153) on Thursday, 6th December 2012

    Thanks, Deb. I have so been missing the tales from the llama shed.

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    Posted by Organoleptic Icon (U11219171) on Thursday, 6th December 2012

    Llama shed music.


    NB Listen to the end.

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    Posted by Vicky S (U2258400) on Friday, 7th December 2012

    Hooray! The llamas are back. I have really missed them ( and Deb of course).

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    Posted by SmoctusMole (U13882662) on Saturday, 8th December 2012

    Much missed here too.

    But I'm worrying about the guinea peeeg

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    Posted by Nelson_G (U13801071) on Saturday, 8th December 2012

    Hooray. Good to see Little Mitch getting involved.

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    Posted by notsoglitzynow (U6881218) on Tuesday, 11th December 2012

    Lovely, Deb. Happy sigh.

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