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A Christmas Caroline

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    Posted by Minihohum (U14070767) on Tuesday, 6th November 2012

    Oliver Scrooge Sterling was busy issuing more eviction notices to his tenants when his perky clerk Ed Cratchit Grundy perked up and said, "Excuse I, sir, but would it be awright if oi had the day off tomorrow on account of it is Christmas?"
    Oliver Scrooge said, "Christmas, bah humbugs, I should hope any man who wants to celebrate Christmas should be boiled with his own pudding and have a branch of holly stabbed through his heart."
    "Is that a no then? Even though it is my own business oi'm running and no mistake sir tugging my forelock sir Oliver Scrooge."
    "I suppose you have a sickly child?"
    "Tiny George, sir. He'm yon but only a nipper and having himself a crutch as well as a guinea-pig, I'll be taking him on my shoulder to St.Custard's on Christmas day so he'm can see the poor people and they'll be reminded of Jesus or something."
    "Oh, very well. Bah humbugs. Just make sure you're in all the earlier the next day to file lawsuits against these darn cows that don't pay their rent on time."
    "Fair enough."
    That night Oliver Scrooge was visited by Nigel, The Ghost Of Christmas Past, who showed him shadows of things that had been, which were mainly pantos and old copies of Borchester Life. And then Vicky Tucker showed up as the Ghost of Christmas Present, very pregnant and boring him stiff about baby clothes. Finally when Oliver Scrooge could stand it no more, another Christmas spirit showed up claiming to be the spirit of Christmas Still To Come, showing him Grey Gables boarded up and ruined, and Ian the chef flipping burgers in Tom's burger van, and Caroline standing on a street corner saying, "Excuse me Sir, would you be interested in having a good time?".

    Oliver Scrooge determined to change his ways and when he woke up he saw Tiny George in the lane and shouted, "Tiny George! Go to the Village Shop and buy a massive pizza the size of a dinner table and we shall all make merry at the Grundy pole barn!" and Tiny George said "Ok" rather improbably and added more toppings, saying quietly "God Bless them every one".

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    Posted by empress frederick (U13830138) on Tuesday, 6th November 2012

    Big snorks especially about Caroline on street corner

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    Posted by Tayler Cresswell (U14232848) on Tuesday, 6th November 2012

    Fabulous stuff Minihohum

    Would make a good panto! ; )


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    Posted by jillscasseroling to save Mustardland (U13781458) on Tuesday, 6th November 2012

    fab - especially the title!! smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by tisviv (U15188212) on Wednesday, 7th November 2012


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