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One Flew Over The Ambridge Cuckoo`s Nest

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    Posted by Ambridge Forever Frittering (U5978873) on Sunday, 4th November 2012


    George Grundy was frightened. As he sat on the grassy bank, watching the smoking car which had been conveying his mother and himself home, he pondered on this new emotion. One he had never known before. An entirely human emotion, fear. Not one a Sehethulah like himself ever expected to feel amongst puny, powerless humankind.

    But there was a reason behind it. Awareness of having been driven about in a potential deathtrap made him suspect that his identity had been discovered. Perhaps Ed ("I`ll get Dad to check it out", but not doing anything about it) was the one who wanted him destroyed.

    Like all good soldiers, George had responded to The Unifier`s Call To Arms and enlisted in a martial arts class. How proud he had been when his human father had brought over the proper karate outfit. He, a Sehethulah warrior, to start lessons in T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms like the humans in his class?!

    He should have known something was wrong, though. His uncle, Ed, did not seem pleased. He did not even come into the cottage to see George in his new outfit, even though he had said he would.

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    Posted by Ambridge Forever Frittering (U5978873) on Sunday, 4th November 2012

    George had had to come out to show them. Ed had not been pleased, making the excuse that George would get the clothes dirty.

    "But you didn`t come in!" George protested. He began to do the moves, just as he had seen them done on the TV. "Hie-Ya! Mum! Look at my karate! Hie....YA!"

    But even his host mother did not seem interested. He knew they were worried about money. Or rather lack of it. Could this be the reason for her lack of enthusiasm? Or did she somehow know that he was not just a 7 year-old boy taking karate lessons, but in training for a deadly battle?

    Anyway, the lessons were going well. Their instructor, Mr Aikito, was very impressed with George. Of course, he had to be careful to rein in his Sehethulah strength, which was gaining every day. He had had to pull himself up short from breaking one child`s leg, with a particularly forceful kick.

    And now here he was, having possibly escaped death on the road. Up until now, he had considered himself safe in Ambridge.

    No wonder the nightmares came that night, when he was staying overnight at Will`s cottage. He sent out a telepathic message to Henry Archer at Bridge Farm. The Unifier should know if any of his troops were being threatened.

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    Posted by Ambridge Forever Frittering (U5978873) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    George sat thinking in his room, where he had been sent in disgrace when things got too noisy and too much for his host mother. He remembered what his father had said once he knew how bad things were getting at Rickyard Cottage. The obvious solution was for George to spend more time with Will and his second wife, Nic.

    George thought so, too. But when he mentioned it to his host mother, Emma seemed distressed.

    "No, George. No, darling. That`s not what we want."

    The words seemed ominous somehow. Ed and Emma could not cope, with a shortage of money, and yet they refused to let Will help out in any way. Ed had not even wanted Will to keep the guinea pig at Greenwood, which would have given George a real reason to spend more time there.

    He was deeply uneasy.

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    Posted by Vicky S (U2258400) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    Is Rickyard built on a ley line I wonder, or a weakness in the earth's crust? Whatever , it's all getting a bit heated what with Em living her life through a series of Fairy tales courtesy of tisviv and George waiting for his Destiny to become apparent on this thread. No wonder Keira's such a grouchy little thing, her little head must be splitting from the confusing vibrations.

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