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Ben's Holiday Report

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    Posted by Vicky S (U2258400) on Monday, 13th August 2012

    For my holiday report I am going to write about my holiday to Dorset.

    On the first day of my holiday I got up early and had packed my bag by the time my mum came in from milking because I thought we were going to go as soon as we could but my mum said that she and my dad had to walk around the farm one more time with my sister. We set off at last at about half past nine. It is quite a long way to Dorset but my dad drives too fast so it didn't take long and we stopped for lunch in a real motorway service station, it was really cool, they had lots of slot machines but I couldn't play because I didn't have any change in my holiday money.

    Our holiday cottage was very nice, but it looked more like an ordinary house than a cottage. When we got there they told us we couldn't move in until 3.00 o'clock because they were cleaning it though it looked very clean already to me, my mum said it would be a good chance to go to the supermarket to get some bread and stuff, which we did.

    At last we got back and unpacked . I said can we go to the beach now p l e a s e so we did but the tide was in so we went for a walk instead and my dad and mum found a field of cows to look at. Then we came back and had some fish and chips.

    On the second day we had breakfast early and went back to the beach, this time the tide was out so I built a sand castle, but the sea was so far away so I couldn't put water in the moat and there weren't any shells.

    Then we played beach cricket which was a bit hard because there were only three of us and my dad batted first and hit the ball so far that he had a hundred runs in the end. My mum got 5 runs before dad caught her out and I got stumped.

    Then it was time to go back to the cottage because we had to be out by 10.00 so they could clean it for the new people.

    Then we went home but we didn't stop for lunch on the way because my mum was worried about the cows and there was pizza in the freezer.

    Dorset is a very nice place and I would like to have another holiday there one day.

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    Posted by Pahnda (U14681704) on Monday, 13th August 2012

    Awww, poor little Ben, he sounds by far the nicest of the Dopey clan (not difficult). I hope that someone will take him on a REAL holiday one day.

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    Posted by JustJanie - Fairweather Strider (U10822512) on Monday, 13th August 2012

    Yes, that was rather heart-rending, Vicky. I'm sure the cottage did seem clean to Ben!

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    Posted by tisviv (U15188212) on Tuesday, 14th August 2012

    Cracking, Vicky.
    The first holiday Rooth and Deevid have been on in about a hundred years - I was expecting a week on a Costa at least. Still I'm very glad they're out of Dorset now, since there's an agricultural show here tomorrow and I was a little concerned that I might bump into them smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by Elnora Cornstalk (U5646495) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    Oh dear. Please could I adopt Ben? Otherwise, when he's older, perhaps Fallon could take him away, for further frolics with the Festive Four?

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    Posted by Vicky S (U2258400) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    for further frolics with the Festive Four?  

    Ah yes, the festive four. I'm afraid I've left them hanging a bit because I'm stumped for an ending, I do think it was a bit mean of the Amex SWs to leave me high and dry in a campsite like that. They were going to have such a jolly time too.

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    Posted by Elnora Cornstalk (U5646495) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    Well, quite, Vicky. Could Grant perhaps turn them into the Festive Five, and join Harry in the pink tent?

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    Posted by typewright (U14048004) on Friday, 17th August 2012

    It was extremely mean, but pretty much what you'd expect.

    Anyway, this is Fantasy Archers, where the best SLs are, so ignore that AmExy stuff and give us the story the way it should have been, pretty please, Vicky?

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    Posted by Pahnda (U14681704) on Friday, 17th August 2012

    But we all know that Harry met up with an old chum and did rather spoil the trip, but Fallon and Jazzer had a jolly night nonetheless.

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    Posted by Smartgran (U14888251) on Sunday, 19th August 2012

    Dorset is definitely worth another visit, and for much longer next time. There are so many beautiful beaches, historic places, wonderful views and things to do that its a pity The Archers didn't do it justice and have a proper holiday. But we'll be here in Dorset when they want to return.

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    Posted by Lannaman (U15165046) on Monday, 20th August 2012

    Next holiday with Ben aught to be a tropical island with NO COWS. The islanders could make up the numbers for the cricket.

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    Posted by Organoleptic Icon (U11219171) on Sunday, 19th August 2012

    But coast best avoided at the moment as cliffs collapsing?

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    Posted by waslantana (U15073790) on Wednesday, 29th August 2012

    Poor mite. I snorked at the field of cow.

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