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One Flew Over The Ambridge ...

CHAPTER FOURTo most inhabitants of the country village of Ambridge, ...


Ambridge Forever ... Sep 27, 2012


SCENE: The upstairs landing at Arthur'n'Joyce's house. Arthur ...


ooo-- Misty --ooo Sep 25, 2012

From the album

Turn the pages, you will seeAmbridge in entiretylook! see ...


JennyDarling Long Gone Sep 24, 2012

Fallen Angel

'thummerth nearly over Cathper' he said gloomily as he sat in the ...


Marmalade Drizzle Sep 22, 2012

Phoebe explains her family

On the flight home from South Africa, a nice person sitting ...


LaughingGas Sep 18, 2012

The Ballad of Freddie's Demise

Hear my story run its courseof Freddie falling from a horseA ...


JennyDarling Long Gone Sep 13, 2012

Four Go Festive

Jolene clung to Kenton's arm, "I know I'm being a bit of an old ...


Vicky S Sep 12, 2012

Mel's seafaring memories...

KENTON: (Slightly drunkenly) Farewell and adieu, to ye fair ...


Minihohum Sep 2, 2012

Ben's Holiday Report

For my holiday report I am going to write about my holiday to ...


Vicky S Aug 29, 2012

Brookfield's Burning

Brookfield’s burning, Brookfield’s burning,Fetch the engines, fetch ...


Anglo-Norman Jul 31, 2012

Robert's Last Stand

“Please, Lyndy, I’m just a little tired tonight.”“Nonsense, ...


tisviv Jul 30, 2012

Lilian's Dreadful Day

Lilian had spent a sleepless night and now she stood on Peggy’s ...


tisviv Jul 27, 2012

The rain - apololgies to Joan ...

I think more inventive people might improve on fhis:Just a ...


LaughingGas Jul 24, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Gables

Holy hounds! Oliver is SO HOT in his riding gear - just look at ...


pollyperks Jul 18, 2012

I shall really, really miss ...

For quite some time now I have only continued to listen to the ...


eeyorewasano ptimist Jul 18, 2012

Witless Protection

It was 10.30 on my first day on the Borsetshire Witless ...


Vicky S Jul 17, 2012

Ill Met By Moonlight

“Urgent. Meet me in the penumbrous woods at midnight - by the ...


tisviv Jul 17, 2012

Amy - find your friends on ...

Amy has only just joined Facebook.Send her a ...


Lady Macbeϯh ... Jul 17, 2012


Inspired by recent mentions on air for anna kist and ermintrude, ...


Byeeee Jul 17, 2012

Wedding bells for Tom and Brenda

I am fed up with the depressing storylines over the past few ...


everhopeful Jul 14, 2012

A bad week for the bees

It was half past three on a warm summer's day in June and the ...


Vicky S Jul 8, 2012

Witness Intimidation - Harder ...

Villain A and Villain B were eating their breakfast – Tainted ...


tisviv Jul 3, 2012

Villainy Afoot

"I’m beginning to wish we hadn’t bothered,” Villain A stubbed out ...


tisviv Jun 29, 2012

David and Ruth what they ...

I think David and Ruth should tell the whole village what has been ...


Ikblick Jun 26, 2012

David thinking

David sits the yard it is 5.30am, when he hears some one say,my ...


nicelady2 Jun 20, 2012

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