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The End Of Village Life As We Know It

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    Posted by Eileen (U2438659) on Sunday, 17th February 2013

    That everything in TA is picked over in fine detail has always amused me and added to the fun. Maybe because I didn't take it very seriously. I was always amazed (and in awe) at how carefully people listened and the wealth of knowledge they had which enabled them to spot continuity errors. It was also very educational and enlightening in many ways to learn how things would be conducted in the real world of farming or any of the type of businesses found in Ambridge or even with respect to other parts of life (eg education).

    I haven't read the various threads about Vicky, Mike and the baby but I suppose they may well have become as contentious as discussions in the Bull about real issues which people become passionate about. Until fairly recently (a couple of years) I found the level and tone of discussion about such issues very civilised but can quite imagine how things may have deteriorated here, as they have in some threads in the Bull and it's a shame if it has resorted to a sort of mud-slinging fest.

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