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  • Message 201

    , in reply to message 181.

    Posted by Suzie_G (U2267469) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    have migrated, would have liked to post on the last day but work will get in the way

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  • Message 202

    , in reply to message 201.

    Posted by anagramladysin (U14258840) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013


    ( have you seen this? just a head - count ... but to tell the BBC how very many people they're letting down )

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  • Message 203

    , in reply to message 202.

    Posted by Judith Vaughan (U15627778) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    I have lurked for years but have come out of the shadows to add my voice to the wail of sadness at the demise of the message board.

    I have loved it's quirky funniness and sublime wit .
    Shame on you BBC

    I hope to continue lurking at Peet's Place

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  • Message 204

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by JANETHO (U15627769) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    Yet another serious full-time lurker here. I have also, like others, had my vocabulary enriched with such pearlers as Bats for Darrington.

    It's been lovely. Thanks for the entertainment all of you! Squire, Sharpers, Dusty, Anna, Chris G, Ralph, Mumbers and many more.

    I have so enjoyed the banter - raising my large G&T to you all!! x

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  • Message 205

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Alison (U15627795) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    Just registered after lurking for ages! Probably first and last message!

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  • Message 206

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by EstherPigeon (U14338492) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    And I'm another long-term lurker, been listening on and off since my childhood in the 1960s and fairly consistently for 15 years or so. Posted briefly maybe 2-3 years ago, but have been lurking for probably 10 years. I've found the boards endlessly diverting and entertaining, and am really disappointed at their closure. Best wishes to everybody.

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  • Message 207

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Marmite Whiskers (U15626723) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    Another, very late to the party, but finally here to offer sincere thanks to all the regular and irregular posters whose wit and wisdom I have enjoyed on this site for the last couple of years. You've lent an extra dimension both to the Archers and to RL through some personally difficult times.

    I have been informed, educated and entertained and now feel really daft that it has taken the imminent loss of the boards for me to summon the confidence to post. I was always going to get round to it eventually – honest!

    Will check out the alternatives and try to be an 'exlurker' on one of those but I'm still dejected at the thought of no more ML . Thanks again guys from the bottom of my heart.

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  • Message 208

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by timidmousie (U15627879) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    Hello! A long-time lurker I have enjoyed reading and laughing. Thank you all, and all the best.

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  • Message 209

    , in reply to message 207.

    Posted by Sandwiches (U15617222) on Saturday, 23rd February 2013

    Hello Marmite, as a newbie myself may I say welcome. Your thoughts echo mine (and many others). Thank you WWW for your warm welcome to me too. Some have posted that they have few regrets at the passing of the MB but the majority are sad at this loss.

    I can't understand why the BBC are so keen to endorse commercial sites and are so willing to cast aside this outreach opportunity that they were so farsighted to begin in the first place. For example, topically, a good thread was started by Sue on the conflict between Tom and Pat on the future of organic farming versus the benefits of sourcing locally-produced meat. Whatever we may feel about the SLT, this is a serious issue. Will this be developed on TA? It is well underway on the MB..... Suddenly it's all Fagash and the Needy One.......zzzzzz

    Readymeal Sandwiches x

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  • Message 210

    , in reply to message 209.

    Posted by Marmite Whiskers (U15626723) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Hello Sandwiches, really appreciate the warm welcome - feeling like I fit in already when I'm still the newest newbie it's possible to be.

    And totally agree with your other comments. I think the BBC have completely lost the plot here. Most organisations would give their eye teeth for the kind of feedback and insight offered on the boards virtually for free. A clear case of knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing.

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  • Message 211

    , in reply to message 193.

    Posted by interbeton (U15598334) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    I have delurked a few days ago after seeing this post. It conjured up a picture of me sitting in the audience, staringly, possibly even openmouthedly admiring the goings on. Sometime I would inwardly 'butbut' to then sink back again silently.
    I enjoyed that invisibility mostly. It is nice to see that we were so many.
    More I think.
    I agree with your analyses, bettbyr (sorry, I forgot your proper name) and cannot logically understand the decision.

    Also I want to thank a bunch of my favourite actresses, who have not been mentioned enough. I know they are different from each other, but that would often provide the best show for a lurker:
    Thank you anna kist, pollyanna, JPBS, t&g, Mieteka, Bruxanna, Rosie and many more which I will keep thinking about having forgotten once I return to the lurking.


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  • Message 212

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by steamtom (U15628070) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Hello . . . and, unfortunately, goodbye.

    Having lurked for years I decided that today was the day I should at least say thank-you for all the enjoyment I've had from this board over that time.

    Steamtom? Because I met Tom Forrest at a steam engine rally in the 1950's! When I started listening we had to turn the radio on and wait for it to warm up before we could listen! How's that for devotion? What a pity the BBC has not got the same attitude.

    Farewell Archer Messageboard family - I'll miss the wit and wisdom but wish you well wherever your enforced flight takes you. Happy landings to you all.

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  • Message 213

    , in reply to message 211.

    Posted by vladimir99 (U15541210) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    I have lurked for years ,and this board has made me laugh out load so many times,I just wanted to say thank you to all the brilliant contributors.

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  • Message 214

    , in reply to message 213.

    Posted by wildwomanwonga (U14597111) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Final call for flight MB2013

    Can the remaining passengers please go to the departure lounge where your flight is boarded and waiting to depart.

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  • Message 215

    , in reply to message 214.

    Posted by duzzents (U10507443) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    A little tag along but I did want to say a big thankyou to the cheerful and lovely people I spent time with in the VH giving up smoking. In case any of you see this I have never bought or bummed any since, never even had one sneaky puff and it's mostly down to all of you so Paurina, Smoctus and Suze if that's still you, thanks for all the help and happy times.


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  • Message 216

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by SoShy (U15154167) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Another long time lurker logging in to say how much I have enjoyed this message board and how much I will miss it.
    I have listened to the Archers since I was at university. When I lived in the US a very kind friend sent me cassette tapes of the omnibus to ensure I didn't miss out on Brian and Siobhan's Hungarian translations!
    Since I've lurked on this message board it's been instrumental in getting my daughter (now at university) to become a listener too.
    I found Diss the Archers first and enjoyed hearing all the views of the programme. I've enjoyed the Fantasy Archers more than I can say - I will miss Slightly Foxed's brilliant parodies and the llama sagas.
    In the Bull I've been introduced to new books and places to go, learnt laundry tips and the right way to hang a toilet roll... I've also learnt of BBC programmes I wouldn't otherwise have thought of watching.
    So I really feel it's very short sighted to close down the message boards due to 'lack of users'.
    I don't do Facebook (all that 'liking' is too much for me and I don't want my data tracked thank you very much) and I don't tweet (140 characters? I need more like 140 words!).
    Anyway just to say thank you to all those who have posted over the years and given so much pleasure to those of us who have silently lurked.

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  • Message 217

    , in reply to message 216.

    Posted by Kit Powlett Jones (U2673415) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    I always wondered about lurkers - thanks for sharing!

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  • Message 218

    , in reply to message 216.

    Posted by JoinedPeetsBoard_Smeesues_too (U14519481) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Hi SoShy - you can still lurk on Peets and Smeesue''s sites .. if you look you will see they have a similar layout to this one ..

    So - happy lurking!

    (You can register there too if you like.)

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  • Message 219

    , in reply to message 218.

    Posted by JoinedPeetsBoard_Smeesues_too (U14519481) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Hi SoShy - you can still lurk on Peets and Smeesue''s sites .. if you look you will see they have a similar layout to this one ..

    So - happy lurking!

    (You can register there too if you like.)
    PS: their URLs are on Taylers blog ..

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  • Message 220

    , in reply to message 217.

    Posted by Cushie Butterfield (U14330784) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    A song which sums up the end of ML for me: Four Strong Winds, Ian & Sylvia Tyson.


    Could also be a suitable last song for Alice & Chris....

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  • Message 221

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Maureen (U15628961) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    please just come and say hello before we all go.

    I was once a longtime lurker - and still often come here to just read - laugh and catch up on the gossip without posting.

    I think MB can seem quite scary and is why I was nervous the first time I decided to post -especially as I did not get any replies. Seeing a 0 by your name in a post can be quite humiliating but a quick reply to your own original post soon sorts that smiley - smiley

    I hope that anyone who has something to say feels like they can - and that's hoping that this will still be here in the future to give us all a voice.

    Some posts will always get jumped upon like - 'get a life its only a radio soap' and occasionally we will get silly pedantic personal attacks on posters rather than a lively debate about the subject itself. And it can at times get a bit heated but that's what it is here for.

    Generally I find it a welcoming and vibrant place - never dull - always someone who can fill you in about some archival matter and put the record straight. I still have to ask sometimes for the jargon to be translated.

    To anyone who asks why we care so much for a fictional soap - despite its recent demise (IMO) I have no idea except that I do - perhaps because even though I have been highly critical, I'd miss it if it were gone and because it is still unique. And because unlike tv, radio as a medium leaves a lot to the imagination so without the MB TA no longer has that extra dimension where we can convey our ideas, suspicions and fantasies.

    If you have never posted - please just drop in for a final chat. x 
    Having been a lurker for a number of years, I am going to greatly miss this Message Board, which has given me a great deal of pleasure, some annoyance and many laughs. Thank you all. x

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  • Message 222

    , in reply to message 221.

    Posted by Baron von Tollbooth (U15176478) on Monday, 25th February 2013

    Al the best to all, shutting done this board is the pits, have lurked for years and enjoyed so much ..........farewell

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  • Message 223

    , in reply to message 222.

    Posted by singinghinny (U15629154) on Monday, 25th February 2013

    I have only delurked once before on the Early Thread in the Bull but this message board has made me laugh and made me cry for a considerable period and I am going to miss it. Thank you to all who have made this such a warm, funny and caring place. I'm off to Peet's and Smeesue's.
    Au reservoir!

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  • Message 224

    , in reply to message 223.

    Posted by interbeton (U15598334) on Monday, 25th February 2013

    ...and now please keep on lurking. Or raising your/our voices.

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  • Message 225

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Hophead (U14431654) on Monday, 25th February 2013

    Hello . . . and farewell . . .

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