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how vile is Vicky

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    Posted by Dailyfix (U14602649) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    Chillis - Scovile scale

    Vickys - Howvile scale.  
    She turns the vile speakers up to 11!

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    Posted by maggiesaes (U2771771) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    I must say I don't understand the outrage about Vicky here. Ed's conversation - which was completely misjudged - was with Mike who was clearly and inevitably incensed.  

    Ed admitted to Mike that he and Emma were struggling. When Mike repeated that to Vicky she snorted and said "he's not the only one". It was her hard heartedness and hypocrisy that caused the outrage. She and Mike are not struggling - they are getting by quite nicely.

    And then she complained to Neil and Susan - about their son in law for heaven's sake! - after Mike had practically begged her not to.

    What's to like? 
    Mike has been with her long enough to know that asking her to say nothng is a waste of time and as soon as she got theh chance her enormous gob would flap-it's par fopr the course with her and he should have kept it to himslef if he didn't want her blabbing-she'll cal Edd all round the village given a chance.

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    Posted by carrick-bend (U2288869) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    Snork, OI.

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