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Half term holidays

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    Posted by Buntysdaughter (U7084475) on Friday, 2nd November 2012

    must be over by now, I don't think any area has its week off next week ? So, what is the status of Taaarm's Ready Meals' order for the holiday cottatges, anyone ? Since the exchanges between Tom and James 2 or 3 days ago, I've heard nothing. I know that the samples were too salty, so what action was taken ? When did the RMs get delivered to Speakmans ? In what numbers ? What profit does Tom expect to make ? Is this SL now forgotten while Tom and Brenda focus on Christmas novelty pork items ?

    Or - are we going to hear that Icarus fell to earth ???? Such fun !

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    Posted by aquaticDougal (U3480367) on Friday, 2nd November 2012

    Have no fear! All is well .....
    Although unmentioned & all off screen....

    The half term holiday makers are all heading home with their girth expanded by lashings of pork gristle & ear lobes in a pepper sauce!
    Content & in awe of such delightful suppers, that they are also looking out to order another 2 for Christmas!

    & on the back of the gigantic profits that come from selling 3 dozen packs Tarm has commissioned an Architect to draw up plans for his new mansion on the hill!

    I do hope that Speakmans cheque for £87.50 doesn't bounce!

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    Posted by DracoM1 (U14252039) on Sunday, 4th November 2012

    Yes, indeed:

    The rish to get that 'massive order' fulfilled, get those ready-meals into those cottages for half term, and then...........and then.............??

    Erm............SL totally dropped, as if it had never been proposed, instead of it being the ONLY topic SLT and Brenda could talk about for literally weeks.

    So........they did them? They didn't do them? They lost money big time on them? They made a profit after paying Maurice and Jazzer overtime, mucking the ingredients about 48 hrs before they were supposed to be delivered?

    Answers, please?

    And let#s stop all this nonsense about 'Christmas novelty', shall we? The firms and farm shops that already do this have planned since April, sourced since July, and got themselves sorted for distribution and are now ready to advertise and take orders. The notion that a half-baked, hubristic SLT is STILL thinking of ideas in the first week in November for the Xmas market stretched even TA audience's credulity.

    Team - drop it. It's a lousy idea, it's been a running joke for a year. Drop it.

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    Posted by butterfly09 (U2232223) on Sunday, 4th November 2012

    well isn't this and the Christmas food storyline typical of all stories that run in TA, where in RL planning for big and small events are done months in advance even a year particualry when booking venues but in TA everything is done and dusted within a couple of weeks. I know we don't want to hear every meeting and plan but to make it more realistic some mentions could be made to acknowledge over the months that plans are being made. We'll have the LL Christmas fayre which will be thrown together in a matter of days coming up soon. For an event in our town we've had to book halls a year in advance to be sure of the venue and planning is continually going on over a long period of time. Even school holidays take them all by surprise with no thought of child care arrangements until a couple of days before they break up

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    Posted by joe (U13868420) on Sunday, 4th November 2012

    We'll have the LL Christmas fayre which will be thrown together in a matter of days coming up soon.  Complete with hordes of serfs queuing up to beg for permission to work for nothing.

    Feudalism is alive and well in Ambridge.

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