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    Posted by Sturmey Archer (U2328688) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    …foray into Lyndybot's Xmas Farce:
    Here are a couple:


    As I was a-walking one morning in May
    I met a pretty fair maid and unto her did say
    I'll tell you me mind, it's for love I am inclined
    and my inclination lies in your cuckoo's nest

    Some like a girl who is pretty in the face
    and some like a girl who is slender in the waist
    But give me a girl who will wiggle and will twist
    at the bottom of the belly lies a cuckoo's nest

    Me darling, says she, I am innocent and young
    I scarcely can believe your false deluding tongue
    Yet I see it in you eyes and it fills me with surprise
    That your inclination lies in me cuckoo's nest


    Me darling, says he, if you see it in me eyes
    Then think of it as fondness and do not be surprised
    I love you, me dear, and I'll marry you, I swear
    if you'll let me clap me hand upon your cuckoo's nest


    Me darling, says she, I can do no such thing
    Me mother often told me it was committing sin
    Me maidenhead to lose and me sex to be abused
    So I'll thank you not to think upon me cuckoo's nest


    Me darling, says he, it is not committing sin
    For common sense should tell you it is a pleasing thing
    You were brought into this world to increase and do your best
    And to help a man to Heaven in your cuckoo's nest


    Me darling, says she, I cannot you deny
    You've surely won me heart by the rolling of your eye
    And I see it in your eyes that your courage is surprised
    So gently lift your hand into me cuckoo's nest


    This couple they got married and soon they went to bed
    And so this pretty fair maid she lost her maidenhead
    In a small country cottage they increase and do their best
    And he often claps his hand upon her cuckoo's nest


    ¹ Sturmey originally learned an alternative chorus as:

    Hi the cuckoo Ho the cuckoo Hi the cuckoos nest
    Hi the cuckoo Ho the cuckoo Hi the cuckoos nest
    I'll give anyone a penny and a bottle of the best
    to ruffle up the feathers of the cuckoo's nest

    There's also a song called THE CUCUMBER (Same tune as Cuckoo's Nest), but I'm still working on the scansion (it seems a bit more difficult to get right! The tune for "The Cuckoo's Nest" can be heard on:
    www.youtube.com/watc..., and also on various Fairport albums in various instrumental medleys.

    …and then there are always the songs o' Rabbie Burns, Scotland's favourite son - (see threads passim)

    - sa

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    Posted by Sturmey Archer (U2328688) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    Ah! Here's the thing of which I was originally thinking. From the correct period, and just up Jazza's street. I have a recording of it somewhere (Musical Heritage Society).
    Here are the words and the music:

    Good old Eccles!

    - sa

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