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How do you begin to help a friend get into The Archers?

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    Posted by Jo (U15436405) on Friday, 26th October 2012

    Here's my brief summary.... What would you say?

    This is what I know after 5 years of listening... 

    Set in a rural idyll somewhere between Birmingham and Bristol in a village called Ambridge near Borsetshire.

    Lots of the families are interrelated and have mingled history... I still don't really understand all the goings on.

    My favourite characters:

    Lillian. When I grow up I'd like to be Lillian.  In her 60's she still knows how to have a good time, is sassy and smart.  She's with a heinous man called Matt Crawford a wheeler and dealer who hasn't learnt any lessons from his jail time!  Fortunately she is currently being wooed by Paul Morgan (Matts half brother).

    Fallon. A musician who's been running The Bull (village pub), she knows her own mind and isn't afraid to get involved in village life.  Just about to take a job at Jacks/Jaxx to manage the place.  Likely romance with Rhys on the scene (he's Welsh).

    Kenton.  Hasn't followed the conventional paths in life.  Has a daughter and ex in NZ and is now with Jolene, the comforting landlady of The Bull and Fallon's mother.  He's a man about town and has a good heart.

    Worst characters:

    Emma. Mother to George and Kira and with Ed (although George is son of Will, Ed's brother... go figure). She's a whinger and gives Ed a hard time.  Nothing is good enough and now that they have fallen on hard financial times, life has got harder so lots more whinging.

    Ruth.  Simpering Ruth is married to David Archer and has 3 kids, Pip, Josh and Ben.  They live and work on the farm at Brookfield and are always knee deep in cow dung.  Hard to pinpoint why I find her so grating... I think it's because she always keeps her expression contained and it just comes across phoney.  And that voice... 

    Joe Grundy.  He's a very old man with false teeth and you can barely hear what he's saying.  Always on the make and scrounging drinks from people... Not interesting.  He is grandfather to Ed and Will.

    Key current story lines:

    Christmas play.  Linda always organises panto for Christmas in the village hall. This year it's the best of Shakespeare.

    James broken leg.  Lillian's son was involved in a car accident, broke his leg and is now recuperating at home.  He's a royal class toffee nosed pain.  Paul Morgan is ringing Lillian and voicing concern about her well being, Matt is playing tough man.

    Iftikar and Kirsty or Elizabeth.  Iftikar is a good looking cricket coach who has recently moved to Ambridge way.  He's getting it on with Kirsty (works at Jacks/Jaxx) but might soon have a dalliance with Elizabeth (widow to Nigel who fell off a roof and died).

    Emma and Ed are hard up and are really scrimping to manage.  Emma doesn't want anyone to know how badly off they are.

    Fallon.  Is just about to start at Jacks bar.  I'm sure she will be together with welsh boy Rhys before New Years Eve.

    Joe Grundy's teeth.  Felt into a cider press... Too tedious to give details.

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    Posted by anna kist (U2314477) on Friday, 26th October 2012

    why would you want to inflict TA on to a friend?

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    Posted by Jo (U15436405) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    We're listening from Sydney and the sounds of rural life have their own special charms when you're this far away!!!

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    Posted by wynkyn de worde (U14928439) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    The firdt time I visited Sydney 1976. Tha Archers was broadcast on ABC national daily.

    A real shock hearing that in the Oz summer surrounded by cockatoos

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    Posted by JoinedPeetsBoard_Smeesues_too (U14519481) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    Hi Jo!

    Welcome to the board if you are new .. there are a lot of antipodean fans .. We've heard a few times from a New Zealander - apparently TA cheered her up when they were affected by the terrible earth quake. They are likely still affected - but we haven't heard from her for a bit ..

    Good summary - however you've missed out a couple of things:
    Em - bravely dobbed in her uncle - an arsonist .. but her family are giving her a hard time about it. That is another reason for her pride ..

    Kenton - a free loader who tends to latch on to widows/divorcees with property .. It was always on the cards he would get bored with Jaxx . How long before he does his disappearing act and lets folk down at The Bull?

    Not sure if you mentioned the mega-dairy? However that is an on/off story ..

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    Posted by DracoM1 (U14252039) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    But the amount of 'rural life' in TA is falling appreciably faster than the demand for organic stuff in My Llittle Shoppe, or SLT's reputation for charisma, inventiveness, smartness as an entrepreneur.

    Most of the rural element is a fantasy thinly 'researched' and imperfectly documented by a production / writing team with decreasing interest in / grasp of what is happening in the British 'rural environment'. It's Janet and John Book of English rural Life - last dated 1963.

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