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Lovely lovely Linda

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    , in reply to message 49.

    Posted by Cuddly Giant Squid (U14994690) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    But there's a truer basis in FACT that her obnoxious qualities are not out of character but intended from the outset. 

    On this at least, we can agree.

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  • Message 52

    , in reply to message 50.

    Posted by Elnora Cornstalk (U5646495) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    << But I don't dislike as much as I normally would someone like that when she is being bossy and pushy simply because of the obnoxious way people like David and Ruth refer to her (what does SHE want, what's HER hobbyhorse this time?) >>

    Same here, Janie. The way she riled Brian (over footpaths) was similar. Brian was so complacent, I found myself cheering Lynda at every line.

    (Mind you, Pip's irritated various obnoxious people over worthy issues, and I /still/ loathe her.)

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  • Message 53

    , in reply to message 52.

    Posted by JustJanie - Fairweather Strider (U10822512) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    Ah, Pip. Well, no one ever criticises her do they so there's not even that to win one's sympathy.

    (Perhaps Brenda did once, a bit, but no one ever takes any notice of what Brenda says.)

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  • Message 54

    , in reply to message 52.

    Posted by Chris Ghoti (U10794176) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    I don't think that either the obnoxious or the sympathetic side of Lynda is "out of character". She started to be sympathetic quite early, with Kate; and at times since then she has shown the sympathetic side. She has also shown her vulnerability when weeping to Robert about her failures. Her abrasiveness is obvious, of course.

    I would avoid her, but I can see that if I were in trouble she'd be a good friend.

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  • Message 55

    , in reply to message 54.

    Posted by Elevenses (U15353531) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    I well remember Kate in her environmental days finding a sympathetic ear in Lynda and was surprised because she was so unpopular in the village and Kate remarked on this.

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  • Message 56

    , in reply to message 55.

    Posted by antiquelemonsqeeze1 (U14259306) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    Lynda has been a listening ear to several troubled teens over the years, and heard them out without siding with them against their parents, in a balanced way I have not heard from anyone else in Ambridge

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  • Message 57

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by pollyanna (U7304225) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    I quite like Lynda but I find her and Vicky's friendship a rather lop sided affair. It appears to comprise Vicky as the needy, slightly inadequate one and Lynda as the cleverer support act, rather than a friendship of two equals. Last night's conversation between them reminded me of an interaction between a teacher with responsibility for the pastoral care of pupils and one of her flock.

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  • Message 58

    , in reply to message 26.

    Posted by anna kist (U2314477) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    Very intersting CGS. The interview confirms that Lynda is /supposed/ to be obnoxious, and rather ridiculous.   And Carole Boyd plays this perfectly. It is interesting that this is one of the few interviews where I feel the actor's opinion of the character chimes with my own reading of it.

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  • Message 59

    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by anna kist (U2314477) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    Lynda is a very needy character - hence all the attention-seeking bossiness where she always has to be right. But when someone is in trouble she is able comes into her own because for once she is needed rather than needy.

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  • Message 60

    , in reply to message 59.

    Posted by Chris Ghoti (U10794176) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    Do you think that perhaps the neediness is more "needing to be needed" than needing on its own? It seems always at least in theory to be for other people that she does things: keeping footpaths open for the community (who don't care, but it is "for" them anyway) and worrying about traffic through the village are obvious examples, as is the green burial site. Yes, she wants t be told she is wonderful, but what she really wants is for people to think "we couldn't do without Lynda" and to have been helped.

    This would explain why she is good with adolescents like Kate and Vicky -- they really do value her, because she treats them as being of value when others on the whole don't have much time for them. And because they value her and make her feel valued, she is in her element. Very positive for her, really, and good for them as well -- very much a positive-sum game.

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  • Message 61

    , in reply to message 60.

    Posted by anna kist (U2314477) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    Yes Chris - you have summed her up better than I did.

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  • Message 62

    , in reply to message 60.

    Posted by Auntie Molly (U14110968) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    Although Lynda can be tactless and insensitive and a PITA she does not generally lash out at people in a hurtful way when thwarted or shown up to be in the wrong.

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  • Message 63

    , in reply to message 62.

    Posted by Chris Ghoti (U10794176) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    That's true, Auntie M. She is never vindictive or lashing out in a vicious way no matter what the provocation. Her phrase when someone contradicted her would be "Excuse me" not "Now you listen to me!"

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  • Message 64

    , in reply to message 60.

    Posted by Elnora Cornstalk (U5646495) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    << what she really wants is for people to think "we couldn't do without Lynda" and to have been helped. >>

    This is interesting, but I'm not sure about it, Chris. I see her as an enthusiast, with all the faults and irritations that can accompany fervour. But when she sees a cause she believes in (ecology, personal well-being, social improvement, cultural uplift, human rights, or, simply, a person in need of help), she won't be stopped.

    Maddening for those who encounter her, and I'd probably avoid her in RL, but against the complacency, self-righteousness, or blinkered sense of entitlement of some of those in the enclave, I always want to cheer her on.

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  • Message 65

    , in reply to message 64.

    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Thursday, 16th August 2012

    I go along with your view Elnora - she doesn't do her stuff for self aggrandisement but through a belief in the cause - she just has lots of causes and a lot of belief. She has plenty of mental energy that hasn't been used up in her career or raising a family, as in so many people. Thoroughly exasperating to live with I expect, but Robert is a saint.

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