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    Posted by StargazerwithOscar (U14668197) on Tuesday, 12th June 2012

    Amy knows now that Alan will not ":side" with her over Usha ... In fact she already thinks there is a "rift" between herself and Alan - though fomented by Usha rather than caused by herself.

    "She still duzzn't ge' i'". I think If I hear that silly, spoilt girl say that, or something similar, in that droning flat glottally challenged tone she has (and this is not a snobby thing about accents - I am from the north of England), I shall throw the damned radio to the borrom of the garden and let it decompose in the compost heap.

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    Posted by Gayer-Anderson Cat (U13637930) on Tuesday, 12th June 2012

    WHERE ARE GRANNY MABEL AND AUNTIE SATYA IN ALL THIS??? Sorry for shouting, but if ever a situation needed a couple of strong women who can tell it like it is, it's this one, and they are the two. And I suspect we might find it quite entertaining...


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    Posted by getitwhileyoucan (U15313608) on Wednesday, 20th June 2012

    Carl the cad never did really care and now Amy knows. Took a while. While she was misdirecting her emotions at her step-mother, I actually thought she'd forgotten about him. Carl knew exactly what game he was playing, but he did forget to explain the basic rule of engagement i.e. no engagement. Oh well, he probably had other things on his mind such as how to boost his social standing or his next conquest. Or maybe that grandmother he was visiting every weekend so he couldn't be with Amy? I mean, how naive can you be?? Makes reality even harsher for poor Amy.

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