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    Posted by JoinedPeetsBoard_Smeesues_too (U14519481) on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

    Don't think it's like poor Tony and the horrible Helen ..

    After all Usha *had* been foolish in not telling Alan whereas poor Tony had done nothing wrong! And Helen had a long history of selfishness and self-centredness whereas Amy does not

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    Posted by cat_modern (U12813503) on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

    Amy would not think it acceptable to snub Alan's family dinner had Alan not colluded in Amy's earlier rudeness towards Usha.

    WAKE UP, ALAN. Tell Amy that she can stay at Alice's until she's learned to be civil and give us all a break.

    SWs - I am so tired with this nonsense. I care about neither Alan nor Amy, who used to be quite reasonable characters until this storyline rendered them unbelievably rude and tiresome.

    No more, please.

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    Posted by DracoM1 (U14252039) on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

    < neither Alan nor Amy, who used to be quite reasonable characters until this storyline >

    Before this SL, only those listening to AmEx knew much if anything about Amy, apart from a blow-in week here and there..

    One of the major reasons why TA has become problematical for many is that those two characters are part of that burgeoning group of 'who?' TA characters that pass as dew on summer grass, and that neither Amy nor her egregious Dad has been developed enough for the audience to feel they care a toss about either.

    My guess is that from now on, Amy will become bracketed with TC as the most sensationally me, me, me kid on the block. She is fixed, and whatever they now do will label her for ever.

    Same with Horrobins. They multiply like fruit flies, breeze in, breeze out, are more or less interchangeable, even if we remember or care to remember their names, utterly anonymous 'rentapleb', with 'who cares?' bubbles bobbing over their heads. What possible NARRATIVE reason the TA team have for multiplying the Horrobins with their risibly silly mummerset accents simple beats me.

    And Amy is just as empty, even worse acted, with no obvious purpose, and going nowhere. Sorry, lads at The Mailbox, major error. If, like Pip, you voiced Amy with a different actor for the scripts, you might have a chance, but with those two actors in place, you don't have prayer of making either into un-hateable entities.

    Maybe the Pip and Amy voices are cheaper to hire than most? Still, when A-levels are over, should be a glut of eager Drama, wannabeastar students on the market?

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    Posted by Poorgrass (U12099742) on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

    Yes, that's one of the ridiculous things about keeping Amex separate. And they still haven't fed anything about the little episode of Amy riling Clive and then running him over into the main series (I hope that it's long enough ago that I can safely mention this here.)

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    Posted by PaulHammond (U5000908) on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

    I think it's ridiculous to suggest that AmEx is the cause of the problems people seem to be having with Amy (and Dracs, I notice, was careful not to say exactly that - he/she is suggesting it's the fact that Amy was a little known character until recently that's the problem with caring about her)

    Amy has been a presense in Ambridge for quite a long time - the last really significant storyline I recall was her having a huge spat with Alice because Alice was taking the RAF dollar to fund her Engineering course, and it offended against Amy's pacifist principles - now that must have been a long time ago, because that was a just going to Uni story, while now Amy is a qualified midwife - so something that happened before AmEx was a gleam in any Radio7 controller's eye.

    I think there could be a point to the assertion that picking up virtual silents makes it difficult to care - but then, this is the kind of thing that the Archers has always done, hasn't it - people who have been mentioned but rarely heard from occasionally becoming more important characters.

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    Posted by JoinedPeetsBoard_Smeesues_too (U14519481) on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

    But Amy and Alice had some quite big stories when they were younger - they tried to save the world I think. Didn't thy take a druggie under their wing ?

    They came across as two rather earnest youngsters with a social conscience - even to the point of foolishness in endangering themselves with the low-life of Borsetshire.

    Then Alice had a big story in her non-acceptance of Ruairi - at the same time as her row with Amy over the RAF. Next she is canoodling with Chris then marrying him and appears as a bit of a Sloane Ranger. In particular appears both silly and naive with respect to a certain housemate ..

    From starting at University we heard practically nothing of Amy (AFAICR). We then had an AmEx story about her Mum and her "anger management" followed by this SL.

    I think we are supposed to relate the two - that her shock-horror over her Mum links up with this story .. however the AmEx story ended with her coming to terms with her Mums history and with her relationship with Usha made more solid. Apart from her understandable upset over her Mums history she has appeared very "grounded" and down-to-earth! The old Amy would have had a row with Usha - quickly got it out of her system then concentrated on feeling angry with Carl.

    So what on earth is going on?

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    Posted by DracoM1 (U14252039) on Thursday, 24th May 2012

    Q: how many 'Amy's' are there?

    Because they change her character / relationships including the one with Alice pretty significantly every time they shoe horn her into the SLs.

    How is an audience supposed to get a handle on her, locate her in the tapestry?

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