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    Posted by BlackSheepBoy (U11150138) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    I find the story interesting, and I am sure similar situations arise in RL. The basis of it is credible.

    But then I feel as if I am listening to Pat, Tom, and Helen being scripted through a series of extreme emotions and positions. Nearly everything Tom said last night comes into that category, and the credibility of the character is destroyed. It went beyond what we would predict even from Tom.

    Extreme reactions and positions produce drama. Of a sort.

    The only character who comes across to me as credible and consistent is Tony.

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    Posted by Dora Pandle (U14741938) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    When Helen begged Pat not to contact Sharon I'm sure Pat only promised not to contact Sharon 'YET'. That lets her off the hook!  That's what I thought she said too, but I'm sure Helen assumed she would be able to tell Pat when she was ready. I'm so glad Tony told them how selfish they are. About time too.

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    Posted by Organoleptic Icon (U11219171) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    Well Pat/Helen seem to have had a sensible conversation now. Tom - dunno!

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    Posted by strokecitydave (U5467417) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    Dx  COJONES! - and I wish I could post this in bold and with a bigger font!  Indeed SCD - Tony finally showed real cojones, and not before time!

    Glad to see he's earned your admiration 
    I've always thought that Tony is great and sensitive in a crisis or when dealing with a difficult situation - he's just a doormat the rest of the time, but is the one who is prepared to face up to difficulties or crises. Compare that to the normally "strong" Pat, whose "reasnoable conversation" (as it was described on another thread) with Helen tonight. was little more than an abject grovelling apology.

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