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John: What was he like?

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    Posted by footintwocamps (U9458464) on Thursday, 1st December 2011

    I wouldn't blame Brenda for not wanting to go the whole hog and marry Tom, when she repeatedly gets cold-shouldered by Pat for being 'not one of the family!' Grrrr  I feel that Pat subconsciously judges Tom against the plaster image she has made of John and invariably finds him wanting. Part of that process of slapping him down lies in making Brenda an outsider. This is strange, when Brenda's parents are/were such old friends.

    I don't know how much significance should be attached to the scene with Tom + Brenda tonight, where Tom was expressing his understandable annoyance about this pattern.

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    Posted by Earldunda (U14196337) on Thursday, 1st December 2011

    I wouldn't blame Brenda for not wanting to go the whole hog and marry Tom, when she repeatedly gets cold-shouldered by Pat for being 'not one of the family!' Grrrr  For once Pat is right- who would ever want that dunderhead peasant Brenda as a daughter in law.

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    Posted by Lorna (U14984555) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    Yes, OK? but How did he die?

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    Posted by Chris Ghoti (U10794176) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    Lowfield, Wednesday 25th February 1997
    * John's late for work, so Tommy is, on his birthday, feeding the pigs. Tony's in a foul mood with John too and when he finally arrives they argue but John takes the Fergie and goes to mend the fence that his father's been on about. Tony asks, but John wants to say nothing, about last night.
    * Pat's cooking Tommy a birthday tea, as much so that John and Tommy can line their stomachs before they had out to meet Roy for drinks! There's no sign of John, in fact no-one seen him since he left to mend the fence. Tony and Tommy head off to try and find him lest he's late for meeting Roy. As they're driving up the lane they see the headlights pick out the tractor turned over in a ditch. Tony gets out to investigate and quickly sends Tommy back to the house to call for an ambulance - and is most insistent that he not return with Pat. As he kneels next to him it's obvious that John is in a bad way, he's cold to the touch and unconscious. As Tony starts talking to him he's breaking up and the episode ends with Tony sobbing.

    A strange ending because there was no "Barwick Green" at all. We heard Tony's sobbing, twenty seconds of silence and then the continuity announcer introducing the next programme. We can only assume than John's accident was fatal: four years, a week and a day since Ambridge's last fatal road accident. We will know after tomorrow's episode.

    You can get to this via "About" in the bar above this thread: go to "About", click in "Useful Links", then in "Archers Plot Summaries".


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    Posted by OldManThames (U15053102) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    He was more like Brian than he was like Tony.

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    Posted by DracoM1 (U14252039) on Sunday, 4th December 2011


    In 24 words - a masterful and very accurate pen portrait.

    So maybe now new listeners to TA might not be quite so puzzled by the amazement in long-haulers at the turn the current hagiographic SL is taking in canonising him.

    Most of us remember him as a seriously odious piece of work. Yeah, I'm sure the Mum of the Kray Bros loved them too, Mums tend to have this relation with their 'boys', but the present SL is shipping out a pretty one-sided view of this long-squished son.

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    Posted by Chris Ghoti (U10794176) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    I'd agree apart from one small cavil: he wasn't hoping to re-woo Hayley when he tupped Sharon, he was living with Hayley and sharing her bed. Otherwise, spot on.

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    Posted by Dusty Substances (U1474929) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    And of course Tony's relationship with the tractor was never quite the same after that.


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    Posted by Chris Ghoti (U10794176) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    Yeah; he had to get rid of poor Fergie. The vintage tractor club came and took her away on Friday 13th March.

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    Posted by Helen (U14292131) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    Do you remember Hayley (a saint if ever there was one) getting back at John by winning the poetry contest with her ode to Johns love of his pigs it ended with something like... no man loved like John Archer loves his pigs... can anyone remember the correct words?

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    Posted by Mebbe Knot (U14274004) on Sunday, 4th December 2011

    I would just mention, in response to the comments above about there being no spoilers re John's death, that in fact the national media covered his death in detail the following morning, which annoyed a great many listeners like me who hadn't been able to hear the broadcast the previous evening. As a result, I went and listened in my car during a late lunch hour.

    I seem to remember there being a lot of hints that Something Bad was going to happen to Mark Hebden in advance of his car/horse interface disaster, because I listened to it while driving to Bristol for the weekend (must have been a Friday then) and telling the friend who was with me that we had to listen to TA because something awful was going to happen ....

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