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Step forward Nathan Booth

I don't want Betty to be deaded, so we need another crisis, and ...


jenny comelately Dec 13, 2005

Betty Struck Down

That's all the thanks she gets from on high for being so nice ...


vanity fair Dec 13, 2005

Brenda/Betty - quite touching ...

or is it just me being sentimental?


flossie Dec 13, 2005

Patronising Gits!

If I was having a heart attack and those two ambulance fools showed ...


borchesterbe auty Dec 13, 2005

Next question(s)

If Caroline has to sell up everything to buy Grey Gables, ...


Mr Snowy Dec 13, 2005

How big is YOURS? (Piggy ...

Does Carolide often do this gurly voice? 'Piggy bank'? All a bit ...


Sister Gnomea ... Dec 13, 2005

What about the hens?

If we do lose Betty, I can see that R&H's housing problems and ...


Epponn-kneer ae Dec 13, 2005

Judge Soozy?

Was I right, or was my post-Saturday night Sunday ...


The Anti-Ruth Dec 13, 2005

A Welsh black?!

......Are they breeding dragons in Borsetshire then? We should be told!


Epponn-kneer ae Dec 13, 2005

A game for Christmas

My suggestion first:Shula is killed...by Alistairin the ...


Farewell Fieldpenguin Dec 13, 2005

Wishing Betty a speedy recovery

I'm sure all MLers will join me in wishing Betty a speedy recovery ...


SueBee3 Dec 13, 2005

Peggy slipping?

Meant to post this before but forgot. Did anyone else think it ...


Vicky S Dec 12, 2005

Peggoi and Amy working ...

I can't wait to eavesdrop when Peggoi tries wheedling ...


Grace's Ghost Dec 12, 2005


IS it me or did I detect a new Brenda? She may have been so ...


Happysadarch ersfan Dec 12, 2005

What is Jamie getting for ...

Poor mite deserves something - his father and mother have been ...


jenny comelately Dec 12, 2005

"A Real Proper Heart Attack"

No David - a pretend half heated on!Clot Busters all round.


Mike & Rosie T Dec 12, 2005

Nathan Booth Again!

Will he speak?


Mile_High_Sc otty Dec 12, 2005

Betty's got a cute Angina

You heard it here first.


Mike & Rosie T Dec 12, 2005

Matt the Mortgage

Cazza - Matt'l lend yer the money for a small payment in kind!


Mike & Rosie T Dec 12, 2005

no subject

where is george,s bridge in ambridge?


anambridgeex tra Dec 12, 2005

How are these decisions made?

A thought occurred to me that,assuming the sad demise of ...


Spartacus Dec 12, 2005

Right then, let's have a vote!!!

All those who LIKE the new message boards, post 'AYE'.All those who ...


Soozi Quattro Dec 12, 2005

An unnecessary question

How I would have loved to hear Oliver refer to pigs and pork or ...


red field Dec 12, 2005

Betty to quit the shop and ...

Jobs for spoilt little Misses Grundy Junior!!!


Bear in the Bull Dec 12, 2005

Stan Getz is doing the Milk Round

Singing "Girl from Ipanima" as he clinks the empties."Soft and ...


Mike & Rosie T Dec 12, 2005

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