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Ta muchly

Thank you one and all for the laughs when times were good and ...


Parish Spinster Feb 25, 2013

Thank You Tayler

for your tolerance, humour and perseverance.It is after all an ...


Longdknitter Feb 25, 2013

Lifeboat stations

The kennel is ready. It is on the promenade deck, ready to float ...


snarklehound Feb 25, 2013

What will you be doing this ...



binocular Feb 25, 2013

Fondly missed.......

Hi GangJust thought that the closure of The Boards cannot ...


Chris C Feb 25, 2013

We will always have Ambridge

Off watch soon. Hope to continue discussions in other fora


Suzie_G Feb 25, 2013

Not the end, but the beginning

Just about to leave for work.So this is it...Years of ...


Old Spot Pig Feb 25, 2013

What would Dan and Doris say....?

The final moments take me back to the early days.Just a few short ...


patriarchou Feb 25, 2013

as one door closes another ...

So its the end of the MB for us all.Let's not be to sad.Let's ...


steve Feb 25, 2013

Twitter masterclass

I wondered whether Nigel Smith, or perhaps Tayler or Keri, could ...


Leaping Badger Feb 25, 2013

I'm really disappointed in Lynda.

I know she loves her pets, but considering they'll have to be ...


charmingAnni elynn Feb 25, 2013

Good Bye all

Good bye from a very occasional contributor, but lurker ( !) ...


Donatus Feb 25, 2013

Did Tom really give Peggy one ...

I know he said it was her idea, but how self obsessed can one ...


empress frederick Feb 25, 2013

Legal fight

There may be the basis for a legal challenge on the basis that the ...


Since 1980 Feb 25, 2013

Feller sham

How far is it from Ambridge?


Twang Feb 25, 2013

How long have you been ...

I have been listening to THE ARCHERS since the death of Polly ...


Nedbod Feb 25, 2013

Won't David notice

If Lynda suddenly moves the llamas and erects razor wire around ...


Pat_Clifton Feb 25, 2013

Farm closures

Quite a topical issue. How long does Brookfield have?


Twang Feb 25, 2013

Bye bye

Mustardland.I was only here at the end, but it was fun.RIP ...


zen cat chingfish... Feb 25, 2013


That was an interesting storyline with Usha, Alan and his college ...


Twang Feb 25, 2013

Christine and Jimus

Another damp squib...


Twang Feb 25, 2013

Kirsty and her suitors

The poor girl never seems to have much luck. What are the chances ...


Twang Feb 25, 2013

On the bypass

We haven't heard of any stores, pubs, hotels etc that are ...


Twang Feb 25, 2013

Tell the farmer

about the llama. Maybe when you're feeling calmer.


anniewitchwa y - ... Feb 25, 2013


Thank you all for some pleasant years of banter, conversation ...


Borrowed Time Feb 25, 2013

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