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Just how is he planning to move this "scrap metal"? He doesn't ...


LK Nov 16, 2011

HOW do you listen to AmEx?

1) R4x on DAB Radio?2) R4x on Digital TV (any flavour)?3) R4x ...


Organoleptic Icon Nov 16, 2011

Are there REALLY

loony women who "fall into the arms" of men who "lay into" ...


Dinah Shore Nov 16, 2011

Old Mr Purves

That was the most hilarious, over the top, performance of a old ...


JoLean Nov 15, 2011

Don't Listen To AmEx?

Then you missed some fairly erotic goings on today. Obviously I ...


Death Where Is ... Nov 15, 2011

I so wish that had been Shula

not Erin's Mum.


Spartacus Nov 15, 2011

"... freezing my FINGERS off."

Alistair is thinking of another part of his anatomy.Oh dear.


Glebe Cow Nov 14, 2011

Blimey, Erin

...taking over the consultation between farmer and vet like ...


Lady Trudie ... Nov 13, 2011

Clive - so just really nasty

Just LAd, and he apparently he hasn't changed a jot. That might ...


Bette Nov 12, 2011

Excellent Episode

I thought the most recent episode was a cracker, well written and ...


AustralianJu lie Nov 11, 2011

Clive the Teenager

How hold is Clive supposed to be? I'd guess middle aged so it's ...


Kempsford Nov 10, 2011

Enjoying it so far?

I thought that the last run of AmEx was bad enough, and I ...


JudithL Nov 10, 2011

Is Erin up to something?

Dan and Erin is a boreathon as just friends with Dan lusting ...


toffee Nov 10, 2011

Ambridge Extra Theme Tune again

Has anyone noticed the extra note that Bellowhead sneaked in to ...


R_Swiper Nov 10, 2011

Clearing out Ivy's stuff

Now I can understand getting rid of all Ivy's medicine, but ...


NewEssexWoma n Nov 10, 2011

Neil is such a hero!

I have always liked Neil but recently he has been a really ...


Dailyfix Nov 9, 2011

Yet again, there is ...

between AmEx and TA. As a listener to both, this displeases me. ...


Bette Nov 9, 2011

Dan's best ever Birthday present?

A new bicycle chain?...


Donatus Nov 9, 2011


Does anyone know how to turn the sub-text off? I appreciate it ...


Passing_Mole Nov 9, 2011

Have we heard Susan on AmEx?

Can someone tell me? Because I think we've only heard Neil, ...


PaulHammond Nov 8, 2011

'The whole school know'

Blimey! Everyone in the school knows Erin?Why? What's she ...


toffee Nov 8, 2011

Time to be a man my son

Lots of testosterone flying round AmEx this afternoon.Well done ...


Janluke Nov 8, 2011


Thought Id better put it here as she's only really live on 4extra.


careen Nov 6, 2011

any Archers fan not listening ...

it started as the yoof, and was entertaining if risible, but now ...


payshentneme sis Nov 6, 2011

Does anyone else find Erin a ...

I am finding it harder and harder to listen to Erin's interactions ...


Lakey_Hill Nov 6, 2011

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