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Farewell to Mustardland

Morning all. The message board closes today at noon so this is ...


Tayler Cresswell Feb 25, 2013

Ambridge EXtra Synopsis 4th ...

.. which I'm not promising to keep up with - I need some help with ...


JoinedPeetsB oard_Smee... Feb 12, 2013


Goodbye, I love you all.


FowPah Feb 20, 2013

How many posters

are there? If you haven't already signed in on the main MB, would ...


snarklehound Feb 20, 2013

Am I the only person to have ...

Yes I managed the lot either on Freeview Ch 708 using the phono ...


Nedbod Feb 19, 2013

Worst Canadian accent, ever.

Just saying.


Su Thompson Feb 19, 2013

That's our Alice

The Amex one, I mean, going behind Chris's back. It was the Amex ...


Pat_Clifton Feb 18, 2013

Wow! That was excellent!

The final episode of the current Am-Ex, I mean. Strong, dramatic, ...


Nemo399 Feb 18, 2013

Closure of The Archers ...

I’m the Interactive Editor of Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra and am ...


Nigel Smith Feb 16, 2013

Petition about the closure of ...

In case anyone comes here who does not visit the other boards and ...


Chris Ghoti Feb 15, 2013

Too much left to chance by Bob...

Hasn't anyone thought of the probabilities....That 94yo Bob ...


RAFromSw Feb 13, 2013

Rev Alan (Archers Extra)

I really feel for the man of cloth. Wife putting her foot ...


sheffieldste elman Feb 10, 2013

"social services were taking ...

I think you mean the Benefits Agency.Trouble is, posh ...


Minihohum Feb 10, 2013

Tayler - Query, please ...

Have had a fruitless search on the AmEx programme pages and cannot ...


Mustafa Grumble Feb 9, 2013

I'm enjoying this!

Everyone is in character, it is extremely well acted and a ...


AustralianJu lie Feb 8, 2013

Hats off to you, Caroline ...

Very well written, very well acted, and the last half-dozen ...


Mustafa Grumble Feb 7, 2013

Next Amex - Tues 2nd July

It's a date!


Pat_Clifton Feb 7, 2013

Yay - Good for Usha!

Alan is sensitive to everyone's needs except Usha - this is ...


betty sharpe Feb 7, 2013

Honestly, Alan

You've got no business snooping round trying to find out what's ...


Lady Trudie ... Feb 6, 2013

well done Amy!

Good girl.Very good girl.Couldn't have said it better myself.(I'm ...


Mieteka Feb 6, 2013

Extra Extra

an Archer is refused a loan, things not going her way............


Diamontelil Feb 5, 2013

I am embarrassed but I must ...

I'm gripped. C'mon JP - Pat.!! exxers


exxers Feb 5, 2013

So ....... will Alan go for ...

And if so, does that write him out of TA, or does he appear merely ...


returnmigrat ion Feb 4, 2013

We know so much more about ...

We know about Alice's form in lying to ChrishWe aren't allowed ...


exxers Feb 4, 2013

I wanted to hit Alan!

This is turning out to be quite gripping. I have never wanted ...


FleetingEile enM Feb 3, 2013

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