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    Posted by Chris Ghoti (U10794176) on Thursday, 6th January 2011

    Wasn't it Clarrie 2 who killed herself in post-natal depression, or did I dream that?

    However, the fact that there have been three Clarries seems to indicate that the first two cannot have been in the cast for as long as Graham Seed was; Rosalind Adams took over the part in 1988, and Clarrie spoke for the first time in about 1976, I think? That was when she started to do domestic work for Jill, who found her better at cleanign than cooking and I think taught her to cook a bit at that time. (Collingwood in his autobiography says that the first Clarrie, Heather Bell, "stormed out after a row with William Smethurst" rather than being sacked, so it might not have been entirely not-her-fault...) So the most the first Clarrie can have done is eight years, if Haydn Jones died in 1984 and by the time William Smethhurst's "official Companion" came out in 1985 Clarrie was Fiona Matheson, and she sort-of seems to have jumped as well as being pushed.

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    Posted by E Yore (U1479700) on Thursday, 6th January 2011

    I think you are right, Chris on all counts.

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    Posted by rad10for3 (U14571197) on Friday, 7th January 2011


    Only just spotted this Quote 'Why were people digging in Nelsonís garden?' end quote.

    At the time of the Great Ambridge Mailbags Robbery, Nelson was (and still is imo) the prime suspect. His later actions and return as a wealthier man seemed to point to his involvement.
    Never put on trial nor even arrested as I recall.

    Hope this allows you to sleep at nights now.

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    Posted by rad10for3 (U14571197) on Friday, 7th January 2011

    Sorry.......correction. My soggy grey matter seems to recollect him being acquitted so he must have been arrested and charged.

    Unless of course they had today's anti-terrorism laws and nabbed him under those.

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    Posted by Organoleptic Icon (U11219171) on Friday, 7th January 2011

    Chris - I really don't think it the job of the BBC should worry much about disrupting an actor's cosy social life - unless they perceive it as beneficial for the success of the show that the actors feel secure.

    Graham Seed has not been "unpersoned". His character has been killed off. Apparently Grace Archer was reincarnated several Times as other Ambridge personae.

    If Seed had been offered a big movie contract no-one would object if he wanted to leave at 2 months notice I think?

    My objection is to the very weak story after all the SATTC noise.

    Lots of Archers articles/letters in the Torygraph. BMW not greatly loved there.

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    Posted by Alwyng (U14745493) on Friday, 7th January 2011

    As a result of the advertising of the tragedy to come on the anniversary I opted not to listen at all. The whole point of the programme is lost when the plots are leaked. I've finally decided to cease listening in future after 50 years since I first listened with mt grandfather when I was a child.
    Please get rid of Vanessa Whitburn before she kills of the audience!

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