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Well done Kenton

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    Posted by My Mum is turning in her grave (U13137565) on Monday, 14th June 2010

    I wpould not be happy sending my teenage son half way round the world for his father's funeral either on his own or with his step-sister for company. Kathy is right to go with Jamie if only to show that she valued Sid's role as father of her son.
    But I wouldn't expect my OH to drop everything (especially as the refurbishment is going t*ts up at the moment) to support us on the journey.

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    Posted by Wallasey (U14313042) on Monday, 14th June 2010

    Surely the starting point should have been to ask Jamie whether he actually wanted to go to New Zealand, or prefer to be fully involved in the memorial service cum dealing with the ashes in Ambridge.

    Kathy is indeed being a drama queen. I can quite see that her feelings over Sid's death will be powerful, but she needs to realise that she cannot claim centre stage.

    It is utterly unrealistic of her to expect Kenton to drop everything at a time like this, and Kenton's reaction was entirely reasonable.

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    Posted by LJG (U14261274) on Monday, 14th June 2010

    <She'll blame Sid, Kathy and Jolean in that order.>

    I think she's more likely to sanctify Dad, who has all the advantages of being dead, and demonise the stepmothers, though Kathy will probably be worse.

    (There is also the complication that she has a 7-year-old to think about and is about to give birth.)

    But it is hard to imagine what the Lucy we knew has turned into after all these years on a sheep farm.

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