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How Long A Listener?

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    Posted by Trotskyist77 (U15175082) on Monday, 5th March 2012

    Apparentley 6 music has been on the air for a decade and Gid there from its inception
    But how long have you been a 6 music listener?
    I myself jumped on the DAB bandwagon in 2004 with the purchase of a Pure Evoke 2 which was motivated by the desire to hear this new alternative station but have little recollection of any great leaps in music broadcasting content promised by the publicity about the new DAB radio format
    2004 in retrospect though was an apt year to transfer to digital though in that John Peel had just passed on and an alternative was very much what i sought back then as Radio 1 really had become unlistenable gloop
    So i have been a 6 listener for 8 years and appreciate its existence, the nature of any media is that it fails to live up to expectations but i couldnt live without it, Radcliffe/maconie, Cocker, Riley
    How long have you listened for?
    thanks alot

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    Posted by Al McGregor (U2976807) on Wednesday, 7th March 2012

    I too made the transition in 2004 following Peel's passing. We lived in a different time zone then and pre-iPlayer it was listen 'live' or miss out. My earliest memories are of Jane Gazzo's Dream Ticket and Clare McDonnell's late show. Changed time zones a couple of times since then and the Hawk was constant listening for a couple of years. However, for the last few years it has been the twin attack of Riley and Coe for me - excellent 'afternoon' listening these days!

    Long may it continue!

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    Posted by becky sharp (U4544768) on Monday, 12th March 2012

    I started listening about 8/9 years ago,Trotskyist77, when my son bought me a dab radio, as a present, saying that 6 Music was the music station for me right he was!

    I still miss Gideon in the morning ..I know.... I should let it go and I am trying....honest!

    Happy 10th Birthday 6 Music and thanks!


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    Posted by tolhurst (U14241236) on Monday, 12th March 2012

    Happy birthday 6Music!

    I reckon I bought my first DAB radio in 2005 specifically to listen to 6Music.


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    Posted by haroldseye (U14257712) on Monday, 12th March 2012

    Got my DAB some time in 2008. I found this out by looking at my outgoing emails folder and discovering the first missive I sent to Gideon. He didn't read it out but did refer to it, saying that he couldn't read it out due to the unsavoury subject matter.

    I definitely bought the DAB for 6music and I think Steve Lamacq was the reason I thought 6 would be worth listening to. The Dab turned out to be an excellent investment and brought forth some wonderful surprises including, of course, Gideon's show.

    Happy 10th birthday.

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    Posted by Rob in S10 (U14611923) on Sunday, 6th May 2012

    Bit of a late addition to this thread, but: 2005 for me, too. I reluctantly found myself on stockroom duties over the Christmas period at the bookshop where I work, and on the second day my colleague bought in a DAB radio and asked if I had any preference (angling for Radio 4, I suspect). "That 6Music's meant to be good, isn't it?" I replied. Couldn't believe my ears: on my way into work I'd had 'Consolation Prize' by Orange Juice in my head, and, spookily, Lammo played it that very afternoon. (No Gid on the day in question by the way, as he'd apparently put his back out.) I instantly felt the need to get involved, and within several days found myself on air after inadvertantly winning a competition on Vic McLynn's show - frankly, I was only trying to show off that I knew the answer.

    That was another Pure Tempus sold, then - and the thing is, I'd completely stopped listening to the radio before that, but my faith had been restored.

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