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Duffing, correspondence and general missives for the night time are all welcome.

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Duffer of the Year Awards!!

Mentioned by Gid on Wednesday night following an excellent ...


the-airshow- duffer Dec 12, 2007

Deputising for Bob Harris

Can anyone get this week's episode to work via the Listen (Again) ...


Valour Gull Dec 10, 2007

Advent Calendar?

How old is too old to have one?Chocolate? And how bad is ...


GidsProducer Dec 6, 2007

Marillion were my downfall, etc

Hello,In case you haven't read it elsewhere the popmaster showdown ...


gidarmy Dec 4, 2007


Hello there,See that discussion title? That one up there is an ...


gidarmy Nov 28, 2007

Virtual Duffer Badge has landed!

All you have to do is copy and paste the code below into your ...


GidsProducer Nov 27, 2007

its all my fault

recently left my job to go and work in a different department ...


junkiecosmon aut Nov 22, 2007

New Show Manifesto

Is my Hair Alright, etc.Hello,It's 14:06 and I've just realised I ...


gidarmy Nov 19, 2007

Jennie smiths London calling ...

Hello all,I want to buy a copy of the photo used for the London ...


dazmo30 Nov 15, 2007


Andrew is in for Gid all week and he wants to know what book ...


GidsProducer Nov 13, 2007

Man V Machine

What do you want to follow Elvis - Patch It Up?The Machine is up ...


GidsProducer Nov 8, 2007

I should have started a new ...

I added to the manifesto thread instead. Be interested in your ...


gidarmy Nov 7, 2007

Mix Tapes / CD Compliations / ...

Hiya! After a discussion with a fellow gideon listener, and ...


markym07931 Nov 6, 2007

Chris Moyles Looks Like That ...


niceDavelad Nov 5, 2007

More Early Ultravox John Peel ...

Such a pleasure to hear the 2 tracks you played on Tuesday ...


Mateybloke Nov 5, 2007

On the show tonight....

Hello to you all! Thanks for joining us. We've got some ...


GidsProducer Nov 3, 2007


Sounded as beautiful as ever in session last night. They're the ...


mrjohnkline Nov 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What's going on round your way for Halloween? Let us know.


GidsProducer Nov 1, 2007

live stuff boring

Gidditch all the live rubbish and get more features into your show ...


junkiecosmon aut Nov 1, 2007

Duffer Mug Icons...

Did I imagine it or was there mention of a duffer mug icon ...


bodj69 Oct 31, 2007

Edwyn Collins

Evening!Later on in the show we have tracks from Edwyn Collins ...


GidsProducer Oct 30, 2007

Outrageous Best Ofs

Just finsished listening to last night's show on the radio ...


U5930342 - Banned Oct 30, 2007

Sad week

Not been able to listen to show today but with the sad deaths of ...


Bowmont_walt er Oct 29, 2007

Free gig- Karine Polwart and ...

there is a free gig ( about 1pm)at the Ross bandstand in princes ...


zippoid Oct 29, 2007

The Wave Pictures

That record sounds pretty good, Mr Coe. Would have made for a good ...


Valour Gull Oct 24, 2007

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