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What was that song?

1st time post. I'm busting to find the title/artist of a song I ...


alfiepops Nov 7, 2012

Title of background tune on ...

Hi people, first time poster here. Does anyone know the name of the ...


gougeaway84 Oct 26, 2012

Fitz. - Caves

I heard this song on Tom Robinson's 6 Music introducing ...


BenMB27 Oct 25, 2012

what was that

heard a rocking tune this week but only caught that the artists was ...


menderman Oct 19, 2012

Gid-fest 2012

For those of our number who don't have access to Facebook, I just ...


Lee1975 Aug 31, 2012

The telephone in song

Department S - Is Vic there?Blondie - Hanging on the ...


tolhurst Aug 23, 2012

What's this theme, please?

I hope it's OK to link to something off the other side but ...


tolhurst Aug 6, 2012

What's the minimum length of ...

I've just been listening to the fantastic The Correct Use of ...


MrClumpit Jul 25, 2012

What was the song and artist ...

It was called something like himyola or hymn yola and was by ...


Emmy Jul 20, 2012

'Scottish Is' Advert song

With T In The Park 2012 this weekend radio 1 have played the ...


smullen1988 Jul 6, 2012

New Invisible System Album

For anyone who enjoyed the Invisible System tracks Gideon ...


DanHarper Jul 2, 2012

Review of Bloc Party's come ...

HeyMy name is Ross Cunningham and I recently covered Bloc party's ...


UpLateAtNigh tAgain Jul 1, 2012

Nighttime discussion

From the description of this board, I'm guessing that Gideon ...


Wilhelmina Scream Jun 14, 2012

Ready, sheddy, go!

Gid from his shed on 4th June! Shed-to-shed music sharing?Gid ...


tolhurst Jun 4, 2012

revision - exciting find

whilst revising a boring computer networking course i found the ...


tristian May 25, 2012

Black domino box? played ...

Hey anyone catch the band and track title?


jimmyshashin May 16, 2012

Fox News on the BBC

While driving through Oxshott last week, just as Gid was hitting us ...


tolhurst May 11, 2012

Video Jukebox 11th June 1987?

I need some help. I'm trying to find a song I remember being ...


saremaa7 May 6, 2012

How Long A Listener?

Apparentley 6 music has been on the air for a decade and Gid ...


Trotskyist77 May 6, 2012

Cerys - Northern Soul track?

Cerys 6 show on 2 last night, playing fave dance tracks, came ...


Si De Burns Apr 23, 2012

Long song (about 20 mins) ...

Long shot but does anyone know the title or singer? Was a guy, ...


TRACTOR22 Apr 21, 2012

What was the song?!

Craig Charles played a really unusual track about 10 minutes ...


mushyegg123 Apr 20, 2012

Great Expectations trail music

Can anyone tell me who is singing and what the music is that is ...


Jon Apr 19, 2012

BBC Election 70's soundtrack

I wanna know which name of the music to serve as soundtrack of ...


Cesar Augusto Apr 17, 2012


THATS RIGHT! THIS THREAD IS For those of you out there who ...


rileydj Mar 24, 2012

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