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Gary Numan Sounds/Samples - A ...

Why is the sound of the future now the sound of memory - but not ...


tolhurst Sep 13, 2011

Lee Dorsey Track ?

There was a Lee Dorsey track played by Tom Ravenscroft when ...


brocki Sep 13, 2011

Trailer music

What is the spooky organ music on the latest trailer for the ...


peaky76 Aug 24, 2011


I think your music section is very nice,but i can not found your ...


foysal Aug 19, 2011

Patrick Walden (ex ...

Check out the new demos from ex Babyshambles guitarist Patrick ...


Arebeca Aug 18, 2011

Gid-fest 2011

Could it be?


Lee1975 Aug 12, 2011

Laura J Martin and Thomas ... Newcastle tomorrow (12th August) at The Star and Shadow ...


VoiceOfReaso n Aug 11, 2011


There you go.....I'll start with Tommy Steele's Roquefort With ...


Tinsnail_Rac er Aug 4, 2011

Nick Cave's finest hour?

Would anyone agree that Gideon's session tonight from the ...


sternman Jul 30, 2011

21st July - Cycling/ Tour De ...

That's the plan.. tenuous and otherwise links to the above. ...


gidarmy Jul 22, 2011

Lead Ballon Music Help !

Hi everyone , my first time , and not so much a topic to discuss , ...


adkinsa Jul 18, 2011

Half Man Half Biscuit - the ...

Hundreds of Half Man Half Biscuit followers have spent the last ...


Cherry Hinton Blue Jul 13, 2011


So why did we have to wait, SOOO... Long to hear the ...


filmguy Jul 13, 2011

BBC closes disability board

The BBC announced today that as of 06 July The BBC disability Board ...


Professional Cripple Jul 13, 2011


Thanks for the advance warning of impending Morrisey; I had time ...


Tinsnail_Rac er Jul 7, 2011

Thanks for airplay - Animat ...

ta v much for being the first bbc dj (I think) to play a track off ...


larix Jul 4, 2011

two tiers--- hieser hexe ???

i want to get this, i cant find any information, it was on today ...


sarahbee Jul 1, 2011

Lou Reed

6music played a beautiful acoustic version of Walk on the Wild Side ...


stephlet Jun 28, 2011

Tell me you know this song....

Hi, So I posted this question a few months back:"I'm trying to ...


neffertiti Jun 24, 2011

Unreleased song in Leics what ...

Hello all,About 10 years ago one of my friends had a promo CD ...


asil102 Jun 22, 2011

Bucolic Beats

Songs of the Country. Rural Tunes. Songs of the land. Suggestions ...


gidarmy Jun 21, 2011

Another Another Short Record ...

Date to be confirmed. Probably late July. Suggestions please ...


gidarmy Jun 18, 2011

A Million Billion Years

Hello my friends. I am desperate! I heard a lovely song on BBC ...


lindsayfrank land Jun 17, 2011

New Invisible System Album

Hi Gideon,The track you played off the new Invisible System album ...


DaveTrench Jun 16, 2011

"Trans Europe Express" - how ...

On the full 13m 40s version* of "Trans Europe Express", how many ...


tolhurst Jun 12, 2011

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