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Morning all

Just to let you know that we've decided to close Steve's topic ...


Jane_6MusicH ost Jun 11, 2008

YOUR New Favourite Bands?

Each week on the show (usually Wednesdays as it happens)we ...


Producer Jude Jun 4, 2008

New Bands??

anyone found any good unsigned bands lately.. There's a couple ...


BandSpotter Jun 4, 2008

Where do you 'discover' new ...

In last sunday's Steve Merchant show they had a listener on ...


ciaronnixon Jun 2, 2008

Free V-Fest Tickets

Hi Guys,Just wanted to let you know about this - Helium Soul ...


heliumsoul May 31, 2008

Sincere's forthcoming album

Anyone waiting on this?Loving the first single 'Once Upon a ...


U8500151 May 29, 2008

song in the background of ...

In the song that's in the background of Steve's trails ...


captainamphi bious May 29, 2008

How do you break a new band ...

There's a band from Western Canada called YUCA (see ...


happybuddha0 1 May 26, 2008

Rock Movies

So last week on the show we were asking for your suggestions on ...


Lamacq Producer May 19, 2008

what's the worst gig you've ...

the von bondies.supported by kasabian. tragic, awful, waste ...


plectrumstin k May 13, 2008

I spent it all in Rio...

Juan here from new artists ZIMZAM.We're looking to spread ...


JuanDeVille May 13, 2008


Any1 likin G Fam?Saw a new video of his, pretty ...


U8500151 Apr 29, 2008

Quite Village

i've been hearing bits and pieces of them recently, quite good ...


lympog Apr 25, 2008

Artist A-Z

Can anyone else go through their album collection from A-Z by ...


drucloud Apr 23, 2008

dodgy tune

Gosh that was horrible - "You're going to find me out in the ...


Toh-Maag Apr 23, 2008

check out my new project please

i was bored during the uni holiday, so decided to quickly ...


evilaxeman Apr 17, 2008

Who sang this?

Today Steve played a Leonard Cohen song called The Future. It was ...


rgold770 Apr 16, 2008

Indie in the Reading area...

I was on with Steve last Friday, chatting about the Indie night I ...


lagoon83 Apr 8, 2008

Blues More Better than Folk

Would anyone say that Blues music is more better than folk music.


purpleMagic2 4 Apr 8, 2008

Suzanne Elizabeth Marron

Suzanne is a teesside based singer songwriter who has released her ...


bigfmusic Apr 8, 2008

Modern UK folk - a real scene ...

As a teenager it was indie that first started my musical love ...


dorisworling Apr 2, 2008

Follow the White Rabbit.. p.aspx?key=27CA8FE4ADD9412B


sfroml Apr 1, 2008

Mechanical ...

I heard a track from their new album on the show on Friday. ...


MargE3 Mar 31, 2008

What fans are having to do to ...

A sign of the times, but this is what we are having to ...


sfroml Mar 16, 2008

belle &sebastian

What was the great belle and sebastian song, martin freeman ...


bobnbevxxx Mar 15, 2008

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