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Jonny Trunk's 'Name That Singer' spot

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    Posted by aviddiva (U13145965) on Sunday, 15th July 2012

    I've heard the Mike & Bernie Winters' song about the fallout shelter on YouTube - this could have done to be in 'Grease 2' rather than the 'We're Doing It For America' song in the scene in the fallout shelter!

    I thought the Sarah Miles song was by Aimi McDonald at first - she sang the way Aimi McDonald spoke!

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    Posted by aviddiva (U13145965) on Sunday, 15th July 2012

    Kathy 'Bo Bo' Bates's song about the horses could have been Dory Previn...the imagery sounded like hers, and her pronunciation.

    I can see the Amy Winehouse comparison on 'Fool On the Hill' as sung by Joe Pesci! It also reminded me about when Martin Kelner played Lionel Bart's version of Living Doll (on Radio Leeds) and people phoned in asking if it was Macy Gray singing! Rock Hudson's song about the circus did have a Johnny Cash feeling to it.

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