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    Posted by mechkov (U1758719) on Thursday, 28th July 2011

    Odd that Mr Maconie said on the July 23rd/24th show that Starless and Bible Black is not on the Starless and Bible Black album. Yes it is – it is a improvisation on side two (of the vinyl) before Fractured.

    The track on Red to which he refers is called Starless and is a thoroughly composed anthemic piece.

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    Posted by Talisker (U14400199) on Thursday, 28th July 2011

    Yes, more confusing too is that the lyrics of Starless (on Red) have the verses ending in the line "Starless and bible black". I think I read somewhere that Starless was supposed to be on the S&BB album but Whetton wasn't ready in time with his part of the work.

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