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    Posted by keith seatman (U14430437) on Wednesday, 4th May 2011

    I hope this could be something of interest to any of you out there who might live anywhere near Portsmouth/Southsea. On Saturday June 18th you really should pay Shndg 6 a visit.
    A night of Noise, electronics, DIY sonic reverberation and drone. Which as its founder, creator & custodian of all things Shndg Mr Stevens says "should make for an evening of distinctly uneasy listening".
    I should point out that I (Keith Seatman) will be playing a live set on the night to promote the release of my album. Also live will be Mr Twister Valley himself Douglas E Powell, Thee Magic Horns, Rusty Sheriff and many more. DJ sets from Si Heartfield and Jim Jupp (Ghost Box) For more info/details visit

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    Posted by simon1288 (U3675167) on Friday, 17th June 2011

    Looking forward to DJing at this. Will be playing Wire, These New Puritans, Jeff Mills, Surgeon and PiL among many others.

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    Posted by jez stevens (U14280921) on Saturday, 25th June 2011

    well it was a blustery and wet evening but very enjoyable nonetheless! thanks for performing and Djing and making Shndg what it is! Here's to the next!

    Mr. Stevens

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