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Nice to hear Peter Hammill

Prompted me to revisit,. Wouldn't it be nice to have a feature on ...


Lord_Kirk May 20, 2012


Great to hear The Cardiacs track Arnald on the show.Thanks Stuart


keith seatman May 13, 2012

which music is being played ...

I watched a programme on Country Tracks today, sunday 6th May ...


Amanda May 6, 2012

Regaining contact...

Hi Stuart/Freakzone,We were fortunate enough to have some ...


Nova Robotics Apr 28, 2012

Old rnb/soul/gospel track ...

Anybody know this song? The refrain goes something like 'say ...


madmadam Apr 22, 2012

Childrens Music

Last Fridays Freakier Zone, Childrens Music was 1st Class. ...


keith seatman Apr 17, 2012

Freak Zone mixes

What an excellent mix Chris Clark put together for last night's ...


AvantGarth Apr 16, 2012

music made with the sounds of ...

Hi,I Present E-gor mind-blowing project "Real Noise" - awesome ...


3gor Mar 27, 2012

Trailer Trash

Hi. Do listeners really need to be nuclear bombarded with the same ...


Juan_Lowder Mar 22, 2012

The Magic Band Returns to UK ...

Drumbo, Rockette Morton, Feelers Rebo and Friends are coming back ...


hacheman Mar 16, 2012

programme information

As yet the information from the last show has only been ...


marcush Mar 14, 2012

The Wobbly Hearts

everyone should check out the debut demo from the wobbley ...


pattycake Mar 10, 2012

thanks for the freak zone

the freak zone really does the trick for a sunday evening f c ...


malcolm coleman Mar 4, 2012

How to get your bands music ...

I've searched and found nothing, So i'm asking the question. I'm ...


Uncle Ray Feb 28, 2012

Where's This week's show on ...

I really wanted to hear this.Anyone know what random ...


misbegot Feb 24, 2012

Latest Freakier Zone - ...

The latest show began with a rather dull song by Pink Floyd ...


Declan Feb 18, 2012

Jonny Trunk's Religious Music ...

The Singing Nun track reminded me of the earlier Leonard Cohen ...


aviddiva Feb 14, 2012

Earth & Fire

Interesting you played Earth and Fire ....they received very ...


Mickscousem Feb 6, 2012

the indian song

does anyone know the artist and correct name of a song gerry ...


patti Feb 3, 2012

December Freak Zone

Need to pick the hive-brain of Freak Zoners!One of the late ...


Adrian and Aileen Jan 30, 2012

Why are FZ playlists so badly ...

Other shows seem to get their songs up timely and accurately ...


Swell_Map Jan 30, 2012

Ewert and the two dragons

What is this?Yes, it's a band and it's from Estonia. -i recommend ...


Merli Jan 26, 2012

'not' folk music

Sorry, I missed the artist's full name and can't find him on ...


Catherine Jan 22, 2012

King Mob

How come this terrific new band, packed with talent, is being ...


Maimonides Jan 20, 2012

I.C.D.I Now on Soundcloud

On Sunday 15th SM rightly said that my track I.C.D.I was of my ...


keith seatman Jan 19, 2012

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