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Freaky Cover Versions

On the 20th Of Feb Stuart played an interesting version of Yes's ...


KingLudd Jun 24, 2011


Nice to meet you all. This is the first track from Natives, a band ...


McKinley Jun 20, 2011


Soundtracks make the charts sometimes. It would be funny if ...


Swoosh2020 Jun 20, 2011

Wild Man Fischer

Be nice if there was something of his this Sunday, haven't seen ...


vapid ness Jun 18, 2011

Lee Hates Babysitters

In the early nineties, my mother heard a track played on John ...


Elspeth Jun 12, 2011

Is it time to call time on ...

Much of this last series of "Later... with Jools Holland" ...


Lexington 125 Jun 12, 2011

The Untied Knot - London gig ...

I know we have some fans out there in Freak Zone cyberspace since ...


TheUntiedKno t Jun 8, 2011

Nick Hornby's 31 Songs + Suicide

Stuart mentioned Nick Hornby when he played those Suicide tracks a ...


KingLudd Jun 6, 2011

Hex Enduction Hour by The Fall

is the title of the LP in question....


jasonaparkes Jun 5, 2011

What's happened to The Professor?

No sign of Justin for the past couple of weeks and weirdly no ...


Kettle Jun 5, 2011

Prof's old right-wing ...

On Sunday's programme, Prof Spear raised the controversial issue ...


Pynchon Jun 5, 2011

need help with tv theme please!

Hey all, I am in Oz and enjoying watching re-runs of your 98 show ...


Britwanttobe Jun 4, 2011

New Library Music

Might be interested in this new library company ...


Si Jun 3, 2011

redefining the N word

I wrote a short story and made a music and music video of it. I ...


Afro_juju Jun 3, 2011

Old Freak Zones

Does anyone know if there are any old archived episodes of the FZ? ...


KingLudd Jun 1, 2011

Best Ennio Morricone anthology

Hope I'm not asking for the impossible but can anyone ...


fortunate son May 29, 2011

Then I Start To Yodel

Did this come before the Frank Ifield hit?


aviddiva May 26, 2011

Supersonic 2011 ke last year it's on in October ...


jasonaparkes May 21, 2011

The Big Chill 2011 77This must be the most eclectic ...


Festijunkie May 21, 2011

Name of artist and track ...

Did anyone manage to catch how this is spelt?Serous? Caroose? ...


Dan May 18, 2011


Great show last night. What a great cover of KC's Starless by ...


Talisker May 16, 2011


Great to hear the full Magma album on Sunday - reminds me of seeing ...


pete barry May 11, 2011

What was the Eloy track ...

Not on playlist, Stuart didnt say what it was. Plays at 1hr 28 mins


Swell_Map May 10, 2011

FAO the person who does the ...

can you please stop misspelling the names of artists and songs ...


Swell_Map May 9, 2011

All the way to number 19

The little microphone tester!


Swoosh May 9, 2011

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