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Can I be first to say after returning from a soggy Kent, ...


LoudGeoffW Sep 20, 2010

Bruce Dickinson has a new job ...

I show only the press comment and not any marketing ...


tolhurst Sep 20, 2010

Kingmaker talk at breakfast

There was talk about Kingmaker being the best band in Hull on ...


Lordscopie Sep 17, 2010



I am not an ... Sep 17, 2010

6 Music 'Inside 6 Music' ...

As you know, technology has advanced significantly since we ...


Peta Sep 17, 2010

Music News - Enough Already!

I'd better get this in quick before they shut this board ...


MisterFusty Sep 17, 2010

Message Board Thread Order

All tolhurst's posts on the top page? I jest, this board has ...


tolhurst Sep 17, 2010

I did it My Wa Wa ..

Just a last hopelessly naive query to 6 music lovers ( there ...


Paul Sherratt Sep 16, 2010

help! driving me nuts

Hi yesterday I was listening to 6 and there was a session by a ...


jeffjames Sep 16, 2010

What was this Super Mario song ?

Hello,Could anyone tell me the singer and the title of the song ...


Juliensg1 Sep 15, 2010

Funk'n'soul show party in ...

Any funk and soul show fans going along to Craig's disco at the ...


j0annepsi Sep 15, 2010

John Peel's Scottish Sessions ...

Presented by Tom Ravenscroft. To use his vernacular, it is rather ...


j0annepsi Sep 14, 2010

Bands that should be played ...

Can anyone think of any bands that deserve more airtime?I think ...


Amanda Sep 14, 2010

Bands that should call it a day

1. Manic Street Preachers2. REM3. U2all waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy ...


Swell_Map Sep 13, 2010

Pointless listener phone-ins

Steve Lamacq afternoon programme is the worst offender, but I ...


Voice of Reason Sep 13, 2010

RE: Annie Nightingale Evening ...

I cannot understand why this celebration of one of the most ...


candytalking Sep 13, 2010

Phill Jupitus

Interesting article


LoudGeoffW Sep 10, 2010

voodoo blues

Hi Steve Lamacq played a track yesterday female vocalist bluesy ...


silentdrowni ngpool Sep 9, 2010


This post has been removed.


CrateDigger Sep 9, 2010

Track Now Playing

What's happened to the 'song ticker' that told you what track ...


Lord Evan Elpussall Sep 9, 2010

Please don't ruin the manic ...

Annoying as it has been to get infuriated by Darwin Dees, that ...


TomB Sep 9, 2010

DIY Weekend

Tom Robinson just said (Friday, say 7.45) how very many ...


tolhurst Sep 8, 2010

Insurance song on Jo Good!

Thanks for telling us what the song was in a certain insurance ...


aviddiva Sep 8, 2010

The Mercury Prize and 6 Music ...

BBC Two and 6 Music will be covering the Mercury’s live - ...


Peta Sep 8, 2010

Rebel Playlist Big Moan

Ok just to move away from the usual playlist grumbles for a ...


tim brooks Sep 7, 2010

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