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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Friday, 26th June 2009

    More of the bands you love and backstage access

    Press the red button on TV to watch up to 5 streams of music during Glastonbury weekend. You can watch extended sets from loads of bands. One stream will be dedicated to 6 Music's favourite artists, and hosted by the station's DJs.

    Freeview viewers can watch 6 Music's favourite artists and all the artists from the Pyramid Stage. Satellite and cable viewers will be able to additionally see artists from the Other Stage, John Peel and Jazz World.

    Watch from 7pm-2am Friday, 4.20pm-2am Saturday, and 6am-2am on Sunday.

    From Mon 29 June - Fri 3 July, watch a different band on red button each day.

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Friday, 26th June 2009

    Okay, hot off the press, the red button selections, as they stand at the moment. Enjoy!

    FRIDAY 26 June

    From 7pm to 2am, press the red button from BBC TV to watch up to 5 choices of bands performing, presented by 6 Music's Cerys Matthews and featuring comedy from Adam & Joe and poems from Murray Lachlan Young.

    Bands include: The Maccabees, Fleet Foxes, White Lies, N.E.R.D, Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, Little Boots, Jack Penate, The Specials, Ting Tings, Bloc Party, Neil Young, Doves.

    SATURDAY 27 June:

    From 4.20pm to 2am, press the red button from BBC TV to watch up to 5 choices of bands performing, presented by Cerys Matthews and Lauren Laverne, with poems from Murray Lachlan Young.

    Bands include: Spinal Tap, Dizzee Rascal, Hockey, Peter Doherty, Gaslight Anthem, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Passion Pit, Maximo Park, Florence & The Machine, Pendulum, Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand, The Boss, Jarvis Cocker

    SAT night 2am to SUN afternoon 5pm: Catch up by watching 6 Music's Glastonbury coverage so far.

    SUNDAY 28 June

    From 5pm to 2am press the red button from BBC TV to watch up to 5 choices of bands performing, presented by 6 Music's Cerys Matthews, with poems from Murray Lachlan Young.

    Bands include: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Status Quo, Tom Jones, Bat for Lashes, Madness, Bon Iver, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Roots Manuva, Glasvegas, Blur, The Prodigy and Amadou & Mariam.

    MONDAY 29 June - FRIDAY 3 July

    From 9.15am till late night every day, watch a different 6 Music band's set on red button - each introduced by one of our Glastonbury presenters.

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    Posted by YourNameHere (U14023744) on Friday, 26th June 2009

    Can you give us an idea when you might be showing Adam & Joe's red button stuff?

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    Posted by KC (U778717) on Saturday, 27th June 2009

    Don't know where you got your info. from but Regina Spektor was definitely not on the red button last night.

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    Posted by larome (U1695540) on Saturday, 27th June 2009

    Regina Spektor was on the red button last night but not much else, it's the same bands over and over again, come on BBC give us a little variety, a bit of stuff not completely mainstream. A couple of years ago the service was excellent, the last couple of years it's been dire, you get repeats every hour and a half.

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    Posted by KC (U778717) on Saturday, 27th June 2009

    I'm positive she wasn't. Scrolled through all 5 pages and didn't see her. Specials, Tings Tings, Lilly Allen all there but didn't see her.

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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by larome (U1695540) on Sunday, 28th June 2009

    Regina Spektor was on at about 9-45 when I turned the red button on, not sure if she was on again.

    Are we going to get to see Bon Iver on the red button tonight?

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    , in reply to message 7.

    Posted by KC (U778717) on Sunday, 28th June 2009

    That may explain it. I thought the same artists (over the 5 pages available via the red button) were on rolling repeat throughout. I was out erly on and only watched between 11pm -12am and got Lilly Allen, The Speicals, etc.

    If this was the case could the BBC have not "flipped" the acts. I.e. early BBC 2/ late BBC3 and vice-versa?

    Again, I tried to find out what tmes acts would be on but it didn't really give a schedule breakdown.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Ade Brown (U9691169) on Sunday, 28th June 2009

    We've all got different favourites and different reasons to be disgruntled or maybe even pleased with the coverage, but I've been very disappointed with the range of choice across the BBC's channels.

    I am watching Amadou and Mariam now, and remember a similar spot for Manu Chao last year, but hardly any indication of the other music that's on show at the Festival. Besides NERD and the Dizzee Rascal, you'd be forgiven for thinking we were watching the Old Grey Whistle Test circa 25 years ago. It's a shame.

    There's been times when the red button options have been two channels showing different parts of the same set. This afternoon we had Tony Christie and Tom Jones alongside each other and no alternative option to mix it up. Ditto the Neil Young repeat alongside CSN. Tonight we get Spinal Tap repeats up against The Quo - instead of showing us some of the phenomenal bill on the Park Stage or the Jazz/World Stage ?

    Even with me criticising the predominantly whiteboy band coverage, I do like a lot of these bands in moderation, but didn't see any of The Horrors or Animal Collective advertised (mind you, it's hard to know what's coming up, if only there were an easily updatable method of telling us what's going to be on).

    I thought last year was bad with your multiple repeats of the quite poor Amy Winehouse set (among others) when you could be showing something new.

    And why not use the daytime to show some of the previous day's "highlights" rather than showing them when there's new stuff on?

    Here's a suggestion for next year:

    Keep the mainstream stuff on BBC2 & BBC3, give the red buttons over completely to NEW music, world music, folk - anything different !

    Okay, rant over, some of the "studio" acoustic sets have been great - The Noisettes earlier, Eliza Carthy just now - and the presenters are all quite engaging. Can someone let them choose what music to show?

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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by fuzzgun91 (U13676736) on Monday, 29th June 2009

    I get pressing the red button hoping for some coverage of the Jazz/World or Park stages, however my wife summed it up when she said 'I'm sick of hearing the same old songs over and over' very true unfortunately. What a waste.

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by twistywillow (U2439773) on Monday, 29th June 2009

    Sorry to tell you this but there is no Status Quo being shown on red button. We sat through endless repeats of Tom Jones and Tony Christie and the Black Eyed Peas and a short Springsteen set and NO Quo!
    If you are going to show them great, get on with it, if not atleast be honest about it. What? They arent fashionable enough for you? too old? well a lot of fans wanted to see Quo, and they werent all at Glasto!
    Shame on you BBC, your tv coverage was biased and not was just repeated over and over.

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    , in reply to message 11.

    Posted by Jem Stone (U517591) on Monday, 29th June 2009

    The Status Quo set was featured in the BBC2 highlights programme yesterday afternoon. which is now on iPlayer. Whatever You Want, Rockin All Over the World etc.

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    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by vladimir (U1160162) on Monday, 29th June 2009

    Try this. It doesn't work for me being outside the UK but seems what you're looking for.

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