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    Posted by honcho (U1186539) on Thursday, 10th August 2006

    Between the three of them, I imagine Russ, Trev and (probably to a lesser extent) Matt could fill up an entire tin mine with their male grooming products...


    What have you lot done to yourselves in the name of Vanity? Tell us here and the best tales will be told on the show this Sunday!


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    Posted by andrewsandersuni (U5226212) on Thursday, 10th August 2006

    I'm not really that vain but my Gran's mate used to refuse to move a single nerve on her face (her words not mine)until after midday and an hour before bed in order to not get wrinkles. This lead to many a confused mumbling conversation and stupid hand signals, she then ended up developing a nervous twitch ... probably from strain of trying to not move a single facial muscle!!!!

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    Posted by Lesh (U4301426) on Thursday, 10th August 2006

    As a girl does, buying new shoes (however often it may be) is an amazing experience as the last time And i couldnt get over how tall they made me look.

    I strutted around in my parents bedroom (full of mirrors) in my favourite frocks and the stilettos thinking i was the new Kate Moss!
    smiley - winkeye
    Perfectly timed by fate, the confidence and vanity took a turn and the heel gave in just as a very Large gang of my older brothers' mates marched upstairs.

    They found a little girl in a heap crying with her broken shoe and mangled dress just like one of Trevors' Italian girls, but not in the washing machine!!!

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    Posted by BeSomeoneElse (U5014130) on Thursday, 10th August 2006

    Had a spray tan. Hated it. The machine was cold,wet, noisy and very intimidating (especially when your feel more vunerable!)

    But my horrible experience was worth it in the end!

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    Posted by deviant_c (U2671810) on Thursday, 10th August 2006

    hello boys

    I had a full bikini wax which smarted a bit but now i fear i am addicted.
    No clinics to cure it either.
    xxx claire

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    Posted by m-diva (U5272844) on Thursday, 10th August 2006

    Twin afflictions of pale welsh skin and hairy italian propensity led me to resort to lazer hair removal to tame an over-rampant bikini area. 30mins of feeling like someone had heartlessly twanged a rubber band on the offending zone and then torched it, left me hoping that actual rather than simply social bikini beach death would soon follow. Any fellow furries out there, please don't do it unless you go prepared with 5 feminax and a bottle of white lightning to swill em down with

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    Posted by chavend (U5277235) on Thursday, 10th August 2006

    Talking of vanity, has Russell lost his handbag mirror?? I may have found it on eBay:

    Russell, you can buy it back for the tidy sum of 2.65 plus postage and package. A small price to pay for such an essential item to your daily grooming routine!

    p.s the show is great!

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    Posted by JimmyLazus (U5100606) on Friday, 11th August 2006

    I am very vain. I like it. I dismiss the myth of narcissus and actively seek out lakes to look at myself in them. This is of course when i'm not looking in the mirror. I have 4 mirrors in my room. I am very hansome.
    I think you too are very hansome Russell (although I am not a gay, but were I a gay I would probably fancy you). Matt has a certain charm and probably does well with the ladies. Trevor looks like a monkey.

    James from London

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    Posted by romyxXxlloydfoxe (U5073122) on Friday, 11th August 2006

    Herein madness lies...

    I once dyed my pubic hair to match the colour on my head. That didn't work very well...

    I also didn't get my broken little toes fixed because being broken they narrowed my feet enough to get into a pair of lovely (very narrow) glitter shoes. My feet look a bit naff now though...

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    Posted by TomasBrown (U5285895) on Friday, 11th August 2006

    To create the luscious locks that Newport has become accustom to I have to wash my hair, apply conditioning product, dip my hair in a bowl of water, shake my waterlogged mop and apply more conditioning product then leave to drip/air dry for 2 hours. it takes 3 hours on a cloudy day.

    Must be worth it. a newportian street chav even once described it as " hangin' ". I think that mean't he liked it.

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    Posted by Jonny Loves Klaus Nomi (U4999156) on Friday, 11th August 2006

    Ate dog

    Twas nice

    Wanna try TREVO???? EHH???????

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    Posted by indieDweeb (U5285920) on Friday, 11th August 2006

    i used to rub coffee into my legs. apparently it helps with cellulite. :|

    it made me smell of coffee and it made my legs a weird colour. so i stopped.



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    Posted by Lucas (U1157171) on Friday, 11th August 2006

    I'm not vain but my friend has had highlights, he used to bring a pot of gel to school to do his hair if it rained or it was windy. Also he used immac cream on his moustache and also wore a suit jacket to school and kept proclaming how much it was, where he got it from and listing all the popular people who had said he looked good me thinks they were taking the micky.

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    Posted by benny-g-unit (U5287278) on Friday, 11th August 2006

    when i was fourteen i was duped into buying a pair of denim dungarees becuase the sales woman said that in summer i could wear them sans t-shirt and look all sexy! I didn't want her to think that i wasn't man enough to wear such a revealing garment so I bought them. I was too embarssed to wear them out so i would wear a jumper over the top so they just looked like a normal pair of jeans. Not really vanity but the intention was there.

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    Posted by HelgaJ (U4575737) on Saturday, 12th August 2006

    Although i am recognisably vain, i've never done anything particularly off-the-wall or amusing. However, the first time my sister dyed her hair, she used that dreadful 'sun-in' concoction, loads of the bleachy stuff, aaaaaaaaaand fell asleep again i window. Her hair went from a charming shade of brown to a rather scary luninous orange. Since then she has always dyed her hair, but never been anywhere near any form of bleach.
    Well, i think it was funny.

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    Posted by LisaFromLeicester (U5227028) on Saturday, 12th August 2006

    My older sister used to put beer, mayonnaise and lemon juice in her hair (not all at the same time) to, apparently, improve its quality (and no, it wasn't man-mayonnaise!). She said the mayonnaise was for conditioning and the lemon juice enhanced her blonde locks. I think it just made her smell funny.

    I remember being on holiday in Spain and having to rub this carrot juice balm into her back before she sunbathed because she thought it would help her get a better tan! I didn't have the heart to tell her, but she looked like she'd been Tangoed (other carbonated drinks are available).

    If she'd slid between two bits of bread, she could've made a sandwich out of herself, smothered and marinating in all those ingredients, for Gawd's sake!

    Lovin' the show, lads.

    ~ Lisa (in Leicester)

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