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    Posted by Jane_6MusicHost (U9666316) on ,

    This is now the place to talk about the George Lamb show. We have closed a number of threads because the boards were filling up with multiple discussions on the same topic.
    Feedback is ok but repetitive threads on the same topic could be regarded as spam and closed down. Please stick to the house rules. We will not tolerate people being rude or offensive about any of our presenters.
    6 Music Hosts

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    Posted by peppermintpatti (U1472081) on ,

    However will you still tolerate any 'rude and offensive' presenters?

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    Posted by U6679583 (U6679583) on ,

    I'll say it again - they don't like it up em!!

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    Posted by dirtydenoafc (U10794799) on ,

    you dont want people to be offensive about the presenters,then get him off the air then and stop trying to be chav radio then, because he has been offending me now for a few months now.
    how many times have you had to do this for any other channels or presenters,
    have you got the picture?
    somehow i think you might be getting it!
    let,s hope so, dirty

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    Posted by edoz (U7920467) on ,

    But why George Lamb can be rude to me??? YES , he is rude to me. His stupid jokes are rude and his voice should be banned from BBC airwaves!

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    Posted by LambFan2 (U10908900) on ,

    well said 6 music hosts I for one am so sick of all the rude + offensive carping about george's show from people who dont know what theyre talking about if they just listened instead of moaning for instance yesterday on georges show it was the 1st ever fez AND CRavat wednsday - and mark immediately called it FEZAT WENDSDAY - brilliant. even tho there were tecnical problem's the 1st 15 mins were was one of the best George Lamb show's ever with sarah beth toocheck and funy stuff about bob dylan. in fact it was so good i got my m8 andy at work to made a video for my facebook page to go with it so - u negative moaners ought to listen to it without predjudice and here the true genius of george on radio 6 - the bbc should give him his own tc show as well. jennie

    ps andys video is at

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    Posted by Richard (U4566524) on ,

    That is either a genius post or it confirms all we've been saying about Lamb fans. :-D

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    Posted by zippymoondust (U4365269) on ,

    Genius post and vid :-D

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    Posted by msg (U10660297) on ,

    6Music Hosts said: "We will not tolerate people being rude or offensive about any of our presenters."

    Nice to know they have high hopes for this thread!

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    Posted by edoz (U7920467) on ,

    Some people sometimes acting like dumb sheep's... FunnyLambyFun, do you think that we didn't gave him a chance? We DID! But he was and is awful!

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    Posted by mighty_falbrav (U10847918) on ,

    Soooo....we've rattled the 6Music cage!!!!! :-)

    Good stuff....

    I love the irony of the fact that by attempting to control (hide,dampen) this forum's critism of certain presenters, "they" have actually exposed their insecurity about the stations current state.....

    "They" don't want to face up to the truth that so many of us are dissillusioned and want answers about the crass direction that this station is currently steering!!!! :-)

    Ban us completely 6Music - it did the job for Frankie Goes to Hollywood!!! Ha Ha!

    Oh and for George Lamb, Well... to those that are responsible for this this "less than appropriate or intelligent" addition to this once great station - 10 years down the line he will haunt your career resume's...believe me :-)

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    Posted by s1acko (U10803985) on ,

    Fez and Cravat Wednesday?

    What the hell has that got to do with 6Music, closer to the music that matters?

    Your whole post Jennie, is the EXACT reason people are turning off. It's getting embarrassing. All the reasons you gave to try to justify him, only serve to make people NOT want to listen and are, in fact, the same reasons we turned off.

    We can't listen because he's unlistenable. If you are an adult with an interest in music or a devotee of what the station used to be.

    Finally, people don't listen 'with prejudice' surely? They listen and form an opinion like any normal human being. I think it's insulting to suggest otherwise. And the overwhelming opinion is, He's not right for 6Music.

    When I finally gave up listening a couple of weeks back or so, his smarm and thinly masked desperation couldn't quite hide the fact that all this negativity was getting to him and he over-compensates with false smugness. Like the child you tell off for kicking the legs of the dining table only to have them instantly do it more, just to annoy.

    Hopefully, he'll stay long enough for these rumblings to become and avalanche that will do for his career an irreversible damage.

    To the bosses at the Beeb, he'll soon become the Jade Goody of 6 Music. Seemed like a good idea to put him in, but he opened his mouth, and now it's an embarrassment they don't know what to do with.

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    Posted by midnightflipflop (U10911924) on ,

    6 Music hosts - we will stop posting when you start listening to us and take this offensive idiot off six music. Listen to your audience!

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    Posted by edoz (U7920467) on ,

    Who knows, maybe it will end with big scandal when 6Music "head" will be destroyed all that is left from once a great radio station (I mean, they will drop Lamacq, Brain Surgery ,Tom Robinson ,etc.). Maybe it would be better... If now only George Lamb will leave (because someone will leave, thats for sure) all other things will remain the same... :?

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    Posted by Witchy-o (U4944417) on ,

    Wow, I'm impressed, but not impressed at the same time! Who on high decided that all the threads complaining about the waste of airspace known as GL should be deleted or censored? This is massively forthcoming about the state of thoughts at 6th music - 'let's get rid of all the bad threads and start one ourselves where we can censor all the bad vibes towards the worst presenter (I use the word loosely) that has ever had the misfortune to 'grace' the airwaves?'

    I thought Russell Brand was bad but GL is a different league of badness altogether. Offensive, uneducated, shouty, 1980s DJ'ing at its worst period ever. He's even succeeded in making me think Nemone is actually OK and listenable.

    To me, 6th Music should be as it is from 7pm overnight - educated, non-playlist, listenable, good chat with bands, excellent live sessions, intelligent articles and shows. Not, NOT dire stuff about what happened on last night's reality TV garbage or what's in this week's HEAT magazine or what pants the DJ (I use the word loosely in all senses) has on.

    Daytime 6music should not be represented by one management agent, in fact anything BBC that *I'm* paying for shouldn't be represented by one management agent that also represents such utter tosh as Big Brother and countless so-called 'reality tv' shows.

    I fully expect this to be moderated so I'm copying in some none-6th Music listening friends.

    6 Music? Maybe it was once. Now it's 6Ratings.

    goodbye daytime once and for all.

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    Posted by Richard (U4566524) on ,

    Psssst- I think Jennie is one of us.;-)

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    Posted by Richard (U4566524) on ,

    I was replying to S1acko btw, I didn't realise there would be so many messages in between.

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    Posted by muttony (U10898987) on ,

    Please tell me the lambfan2 post is a wind up. I watched the youtube video and the cut and paste job you've done has made Lamb sound even more irritating. I didn't think that was possible. It makes Ivan Brackenbury sound like John Peel (and he's bonkers!).

    Unlike some posters I don't want to see the destruction of George Lamb's career. I'm sure he has his place. It's just not on 6 music. As this video shows he's much more comfortable talking about his tv and celebrity pursuits than his musical tastes.

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    Posted by sixaddict (U10336823) on ,

    I have a feeling that the hosts are asking us to join their petition so, to avoid any confusion: I am 6 music listener and I cannot listen to George Lamb's show,it's painful. We turn him off, and listen again to Gideon Coe or Marc Riley instead.

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    Posted by PixieDancer (U508502) on ,

    well said!

    That's to Witchy-o btw <ok>

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