Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 22 Sep 2014 11:43:49 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Haiccm8 My mother encourages me to learn math.My friend encourages me to learn English because you can earn a lot of money.And I encourages myself to play sport. Sat 25 Feb 2012 02:58:16 GMT+1 ahmed My family encourage me to go to university Mon 05 Dec 2011 18:06:13 GMT+1 ahmed This post has been Removed Mon 05 Dec 2011 11:32:15 GMT+1 ahmed My father encourages me to study english.My friend criticism me , If I do anything wrong. Mon 05 Dec 2011 11:27:42 GMT+1 Choi Most of time, my family encourages me. They give me great supports, so whenever I am in trouble, I think about them. It makes me get over problems. Wed 30 Nov 2011 01:59:21 GMT+1 Leo_Tatoo What encourages me?The challenges of life encourage me to defeat them. As Al Pacino told in the movie "Any Given Sunday":"Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you always play". Fri 25 Nov 2011 22:43:52 GMT+1 amr well,it seems like no one would encourage a student,my parents always criticise me,like why did u not get straight A or why r u not like mike or whoever.but i know they do love's their education style and most parents like them in our country, Tue 22 Nov 2011 16:28:54 GMT+1 zhang When receive criticism, it's easy to get discouraged. Sun 20 Nov 2011 21:39:34 GMT+1 Antonio I encourage myselft to listen carefuly to learning english videos to improve my listening skills. In my opinión, Michael, the reporter, seems to pronunciate the word encourament (//ɪnˈkʌr.ɪdʒ.mənt//) in a somehow different way: //ɪnˈkur.ɪdʒ.mənt//. Am I right? Sat 19 Nov 2011 11:07:29 GMT+1 Soler My daughter encourage me to be more stronger. I encourage my self to struggle with every day routine. It's really exhausted. In youth my mother was encouraging me to study well. Wed 16 Nov 2011 15:39:35 GMT+1 FRANZ Now who encourages me is the Arabic people fighting for democracy and Education to be happy in their countries. If they can we can too! I think a new global order is coming where we are changing mystical and religious dogmas for the Science. Sat 12 Nov 2011 12:14:51 GMT+1 Amrmolham I am strugling to sake allah , I'm going to u.s.a soon incha allah,my family every day encourage me to learning in univeristy To achieve my fate.. Thu 10 Nov 2011 00:22:31 GMT+1 luc debruyne It's my third year I'm learning English (for seniors!!). The first two years our group of twenty students had a female teacher. Now we have a male teacher. There's a different way of teaching but both have the same aim: to encourage us to read books and magazines, listen to the radio and to watch TV. It's not so easy when you're in your sixties. Wed 09 Nov 2011 19:49:16 GMT+1 narrosgirl My husband every day encourage me to get over my illness. Wed 09 Nov 2011 10:08:49 GMT+1 Vera_Kuzub My husband have encouraged me to go to the gym. He takes care for our baby when I am in the gym. It is very difficult to him becouse our son is 11 mounth. Tue 08 Nov 2011 20:51:25 GMT+1 Cruzerland When I was younger at school,my mother used to encourage me to practice the subjects that I liked least. Tue 08 Nov 2011 20:46:09 GMT+1 Daniel Natalies pronunciation is Standard American English, right? BBC Learning English says: many people comment on Natalie's accent. Natalie comes from the part of the UK called Northern Ireland and her accent is Northern Irish. Tue 08 Nov 2011 18:38:19 GMT+1 Bacira I am struggling with my study at University, I am going to have some difficult exams, but my husband and my son, they encourage me to be selfconfident. I hope, with their encouragement I can carry out my job well. Tue 08 Nov 2011 14:22:41 GMT+1