Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 06 Jul 2015 05:18:08 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at lydia After success in losing weight, I advise myself to keep my feet on the ground, but felt it's so hard for that~ Wed 21 Mar 2012 00:08:23 GMT+1 jeaidi I can accept advising me from my father my mother my brother my friends and anyone if you are convinced. but i can't accept any advise if you not convinced Sat 17 Mar 2012 13:57:00 GMT+1 Mie My favourite form of exercise is swimming. My mum advised me to go to swimming-pood everyday. Sometimes, I feel tired, I will swim and put my feet up. Wed 14 Mar 2012 02:35:24 GMT+1 stefanoilriccio This post has been Removed Sun 11 Mar 2012 18:16:22 GMT+1 stefanoilriccio This post has been Removed Sun 11 Mar 2012 18:14:01 GMT+1 apsny sometimes i need to be advised...THANKS to my friends ! Sat 10 Mar 2012 16:41:14 GMT+1 sabo When I'm excited, I can't hear my friends' or my family's advise, so I can't keep my feet on the ground... Sat 10 Mar 2012 09:37:20 GMT+1 pros My friends advice me to do more gym...but I'm....very lazy ;) Thu 08 Mar 2012 20:25:16 GMT+1 alex I would advise Pavel Pogrebnyak, a russion footboller, playing in Fulham, after scoring 5 times in 3 matches to keep his feet on the ground and continue to work hard Thu 08 Mar 2012 07:51:42 GMT+1 Linn Just advise to others, but don't not push. Because we never know exactly how their life and going through. And also we should not take the advices easily. However, we could convert the best for us. Thu 08 Mar 2012 04:26:50 GMT+1 Edu When you achieve something, after many trials and errors, is hard to keep the feet on the ground. But is important to slow down and notice what you learned. Wed 07 Mar 2012 12:35:07 GMT+1 narrosgirl I tend to advise everybody, but I usually make an effort to keep quiet if nobody asks me, because I donĀ“t like advised if I haven't asked for them. Wed 07 Mar 2012 10:16:45 GMT+1 Doris I aways advise my friend when they meet some problems with job or relationships. Sometimes when I in the depressed way I usually call Sarah who is my best friend to share my feelings. But I think in some situations that it's better not advise too much, because maybe the friend only want to find a way to release their stress and not really need your advice. Wed 07 Mar 2012 04:59:08 GMT+1 gem I rarely advise others . My husband always advises me to be consistence , confident and be with bright eyed and bushy tailed. Wed 07 Mar 2012 04:54:38 GMT+1 pine my mom always advised me when i was young, do study very hard because that's your future. that was right. i regrate very much Wed 07 Mar 2012 01:55:10 GMT+1 FRANZ I rare take some advises people give to me. I don't like advises when I don't ask for. Tue 06 Mar 2012 23:10:55 GMT+1 Soler I find it incredibly hard to keep your feet on the ground each time, when you achieve something great , it's most difficult thing about success. Tue 06 Mar 2012 16:40:30 GMT+1