Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 01 Sep 2015 12:35:24 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at hassan hureshi to get the top you have to belive in hardwok.I dont belive in luck. Mon 22 Aug 2011 05:24:45 GMT+1 Remi As I am not trying to get to the top, I don't know how I have to do to get to the top. Too hard doing things might bring too early death, and getting to the top does not always mean the success in his life, even if it made him happy for a short period. But, having an aim, a policy and strategies to get things done is I think good. A important thing is if you can try to make policies if you get to walls, and not to stick to the original policy you made at first. Mon 22 Aug 2011 01:52:27 GMT+1 Anas I need to concentrate on my studies, work hard, pay attention to what my strengths and my weaknesses are. In addition, I need to be very dedicated and determined to what I want to be. If I am able to do all this, I will definitely get to the top... Sun 21 Aug 2011 17:47:35 GMT+1 smilehunt TO get to the top in career you need to concentrate on whtat you have to do.Good aim or method is helpful to run to get the top ! Sat 20 Aug 2011 01:32:13 GMT+1 sangtae First of all, To get to the top.... I think I need endurance. Fri 19 Aug 2011 12:43:19 GMT+1 Yess I think the most important thing to get to the top is to do what you love to do. You can't be successful doing something you hate or something that bores you. Once you get the passion, the efforts to reach your dreams will seem just a little obstacle. Wed 17 Aug 2011 20:31:42 GMT+1 csepelside To get to the top I need more and more practice. As I want to speak and understand English better I listen to the English news every day. Concerning other parts of life, ok, we need a bit of luck. Wed 17 Aug 2011 19:54:48 GMT+1 Ngoc tran I think to get to the top in learning English we need to more and more patient to hear, to read and write. Wed 17 Aug 2011 14:45:17 GMT+1 Noah Where there is a will there is a way! In professional sport it isn't easy. Sometimes they don't even have enough time for their own family. Therefore you have to decide if you want strives for a good sporting career. Wed 17 Aug 2011 07:03:03 GMT+1 Unesyou if you want learn English , you need to concentrate , to be interesting and to research all that : the keys to get to the top Wed 17 Aug 2011 06:18:15 GMT+1 Anjual To get to the top in my career I need to find the best job that permit me improve my skills. I think to get to the top you need to want that you do. Wed 17 Aug 2011 03:20:14 GMT+1 beatriz I think it´s not easy to get to the top but a successful recipe could be a mixture of effort, work, training and a good bit of luck. Shall we try? Beatriz. Tue 16 Aug 2011 22:08:18 GMT+1 Vera_Kuzub You should practise and go to your goal. If there are some difficulty in you way you should not give up. Tue 16 Aug 2011 18:48:31 GMT+1 Emil When I want to get to the top I have to get down to work. What is more I need a good education. Tue 16 Aug 2011 17:01:59 GMT+1 Cesar I think I need study and a lot dedication to get to the top. Tue 16 Aug 2011 14:23:31 GMT+1 Elkagirl Self-discipline and self-awareness are the keys of your success. Tue 16 Aug 2011 12:06:32 GMT+1 cryin1228 To get to the top in my marriage, I need to learn the effective communication skills to save and improve my marriage life. Tue 16 Aug 2011 11:55:56 GMT+1 RosangelaACesar These videos about sports are excelents. It´s amazing to listen the England people talking about their feeling. Congratulation to speaker. Rosângela Tue 16 Aug 2011 11:21:00 GMT+1