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6th May 2015
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The <BRUNEL> tag allows you to change the colour scheme on your Personal Space, but only when it's viewed in h2g2's Brunel skin.

This tag does not form part of Approved GuideML.

Syntax and Usage

The <BRUNEL> block should be placed after the <GUIDE> tag but before the <BODY> tag.

  • The NORM colour is the colour used predominantly - it's the main colour of the top navigation area, and the side navigation area.

  • The LITE colour is used mainly for borders around the NORM area.

  • The DARK colour is used in the disclaimer area, and possibly also for bordering.

  • The WORD parameter can only be one of green, blue or red, since it is used to build names of images. Any other values will result in broken navigation images on your page. You'll have to choose the option with looks the best with your colour scheme - assuming you want it to look good!

Known Issues


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Date: 19   August   2002

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