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28th March 2020
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Created: 27th August 2002
Gilroy Garlic Festival Meet
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That's right, I said Garlic Festival! Why? Well, this just might explain it1... And despite all my protests over the last few months, I've ended up responsible for organizing it after all... I'd even found someone to delegate to! But unfortunately, peter the girl has had RL pounce upon her...

Anyone interested?

Please sign up here...

So far, we have...

Unless something unforeseen2 happens, these folks will be there

Firm maybes


  • Wampus
  • Batty--In an offsite conversation, Batty said, 'The thing is there is also supposed to be a meetup in DC next year, both NE and SE US so that may be the one I go to... again it's all in the timing... of course yours has GARLIC!!! bigeyes '
  • Gw7en, Voice of Chaos (Classic)

These folks really wanna go, but can't...

Some info would be nice...

The site's been updated! Gilroy Garlic Festival

OK, so where can we stay?

Neugen has very kindly offered to let the meet attendees camp on her 2.5 acres in the beautiful redwoods of Carmel, California, 45 minutes from Gilroy wow For her address and phone number, email me4 at amy_p1@yahoo.com5.

OK, for now, email Neugan instead, as I could be going temporarily offline any time now...

So when, exactly?

Since the only people that have responded to my pleas of 'C'mon folks, I don't want to make a unilateral decision here, since I don't even know if I can be there!' agreed with my suggestion, we'll be at the Festival July 26. Neugan says anytime before then is fine with her, as far as when folks show up at her place.

1 As could the fact that it was Happy's idea, if you've not checked the link yetwinkeye
2 Or in one case, foreseen except for the timing...
3 About time I added him...
4 Since my email's been a bit more reliable
5 You might want to email ASAP, as PaperBaby could come any time, and Tom won't be checking my email while I'm in the hospital...

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Gw7en, Voice of Chaos (Classic)
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The Great Summer 2003 North American Rolling Meet-Up!!!

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