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20th May 2019
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Created: 6th May 2002
Bucks Fizz - the Band
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Bucks Fizz were a band manufactured to perform the 1981 British entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. They were 4 young blonde performers:

  • Mike Nolan - who had earlier been in the band Brooks
  • Bobby Gee (Gubby) - who'd appeared in Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Cheryl Baker - who'd been in the Top 20 with Co-co
  • Jay Ashton

Bobby answered an advert in a paper for an audition, the other three well all asked to try out for the group as the management, Andy Hill and Nichola Martin, had already decided on the format of the band. They copied the formula used seven years earlier by Swedish Group Abba of having two male and two female voices, they won through to the final in Ireland with the song Making Your Mind Up. The song was performed as a 50s style rock 'n' roll dance with the girls dressed in knee length circular satin skirts hawever at the line 'If you want to see some more' the guys tugged at the girls skirts, pulling them away to reveal identically coloured mini-skirts beneath.

Bobby came from Epsom, Surrey and had been a builder before getting his break with a six month run in the West End with Jesus Christ Superstar. Jay was the youngest member of the group but came from a theatrical family. Her dad was a comedian, her mother an ex-dancer before becoming her husbands straight 'man', her brother had actually been to Eurovision the year before Bucks Fizz with the band Prima Donna. Mike was born in Dublin, Ireland but raised in Essex, and had been in two previous groups Trend and then Brooks. Cheryl had previously been to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978 with Co-Co singing Bad Old Days.

The single that won Eurovision became the bans first number one single to be followed by two more The Land of Make Believe and My Camera Never lies. They went through a major image change from the clean cut mother friendly Eurovision winners to leather and low and high cut dresses on the girls. But they continued to produce records and toured successfully for the next three years producing a quick succession of top twenty hits.

Disaster and Evolution

In December 1984 whilst on a UK tour disaster struck. The coach in which they travelling in Newcastle collided with an articulated truck and Mike, who was sitting near the front, suffered severe head injuries initially it was not sure if he would survive, then whether he would be able to sing or perform again. After many months of recuperation he slowly made it back to be a point he could work again with the group. However Jay had decided in the meantime that her time had come and she left early in 1985.

A new girl was needed to thousands turned up for auditions to become part of the Eurovision winning formula. The successful winner was Shelly Preston. The hits kept coming with 'New beginning (Mamba Seyra)' in 1986. Shelly left in 1990 and the group continued as a threesome for the tenth anniversary tour and live album in 1991.

In 1993 Cheryl left to pursue a successful television career which included Record Breaker's alongside Roy Castle. So the time finally came for fresh girls in the group. Amanda Swarzc and Heidi Manton, who would later marry Bobby joined the group and they continued to tour. In 1996 both Amanda and Mike left to be replaced by ex-Dollar star David Van Day and Karen Logan, who had replaced Thereza Bazar, who was performing with David at the time in Dollar. Karen lasted about six months to be was replaced by Louise Hart. David left later in 1997 and was replaced by Graham Crisp.

Second Bucks Fizz

After leaving the band David set up a rival Bucks Fizz in 1998. He quickly had added Mike Nolan to the band along with Lianna Lea and Sally Jacks. They released a dance version of Making Your Mind Up in 1998 and an album containing Bucks Fizz material and some new stuff. Mike has since left this band but David still tours it around the country much to the dismay of Bobby as the only original member in a band to bear the name.

Now Those Days are Gone

Where have the original band got to now and what have they done since.

Bobby as well as still performing in the continuous line up of Bucks Fizz he had a solo hit with the theme song for the BBC series Big Deal.

Jay is now part of a cover band called Monster Boogie who perform themes evenings 70s, 80, 90s country etc. She has also been in the line up for the spot the pop-star round of BBC2's Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Mike formed the rival Bucks Fizz with David Van Day but has since left that.

Cheryl has hardly been off our screens since she left Bucks Fizz as well as Record Breakers she has hosted The Really Useful Show and Eleventh Hour. But it all started with a children's show How Dare You? which she had been asked to present just before the 1984 coach crash. The Saturday 6 o'clock Show with Michael Aspel and also managed to combine Cookery and Pop music in Eggs 'n' Baker and has appeared as a celebrity cook on the daytime television show "Good Morning with Anne and Nick". Michael Aspel has also managed to surprise her with the Red Book for This is Your Life.

The Albums

  • Bucks Fizz
  • Are You Ready
  • Hand Cut
  • Greatest Hits
  • I Hear Talk
  • Writing On The Wall
  • The Story So Far
  • Live At The Fairfield Halls

The Singles

  • Making Your Mind Up Number 1
  • Piece Of The Action 12
  • One Of Those Nights 20
  • The Land Of Make Believe 1
  • My Camera Never Lies 1
  • Now Those Days Are Gone 8
  • If You Can't Stand the Heat 10
  • Run For Your Life 14
  • When We Were Young 10
  • London Town 34
  • Rules Of The Game 57
  • Talking In Your Sleep 15
  • Golden Days 42
  • I Hear Talk 34
  • You And Your Heart So Blue 43
  • Magical 57
  • New Beginning (Mamba Seyra) 8
  • Love The One You're With 47
  • Keep Each Other Warm 45
  • Heart Of Stone
  • You Love Love

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