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30th August 2015
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Single Sign-On Registration System

A new registration system will soon be implemented on DNA, called Single Sign-On (SSO). It replaces our previous registration system. Eventually the same registration system will be used across the entire BBC, which means that you will be able to use the same login and identity across all BBC services, including connector, messageboards, chat and so on.

How do I log into the new registration system?

The first time you try to log in following the upgrade you will have to login using the new system. If you are an existing member, login using the 'Returning BBCi member' option and follow the instructions on the screen. The instructions are very clear, and online help is available. Audio instructions are also available on all of the registration pages.

To continue using your existing account you must login using your existing login details. The system will then migrate your existing account to the new membership database and take you to your Personal Space as normal.

Details of SSO Registration

You don't have to read the following details to be able to log in using Single Sign On, just follow the on-screen instructions. However, we like to keep our community members fully informed of developments, so here are the full details of the process.

If you have any questions please post them to this page.

The new registration system is a four step process. Each step of the registration process is detailed below.

The Single Sign-On (SSO) registration bar will be seen at the top of the page. As an unregistered member the first option you have is whether to create a 'New BBCi membership' or identify yourself as a 'Returning BBCi Member'. If you have an existing DNA account1 you are a Returning BBCi Member and must chose the Sign In option to link to your existing account.

Once you have identified yourself as either a returning member, or wishing to open a new account you'll be taken to Step One of the registration process...

Step One - Identity and Security

The system will ask you if you want to keep your existing login name. This name will be displayed when you contribute to BBCi, e.g. posting to a message board. However, it is not your DNA nickname. You will still be able to change your nickname by changing it in your preferences on your Personal Space.

Why wouldn’t I keep my existing login member name?

The login member name you choose to register with will be the name that appears when you take part in BBCi e.g. when you post on a messageboard or take part in a chatroom. Some DNA sites may choose to remove nicknames from their communities in the future, so its a good idea to set a login member name that you will always be happy for others to see.

If your former member name is not one that you would be happy for all BBCi members to see you may like to change it. For example, if:

  • It is your full name e.g. John Smith (as it is personally identifiable to you and may be unsafe to disclose)

  • You chose a name that was specific to one BBCi area and don’t want to use it on all BBCi areas e.g. Radio1lover

Security Questions

We also need additional information from you to make your details more secure:

Password - Your new password must be between seven and 20 characters, with no spaces. It mustn't be the same as your member name. Remember if you use capital letters you need to use them every time you type your password.

Secret Question and Answer - You'll be asked to think of a secret question only you know the answer to. Your answer must be six or more characters long. We’ll ask you to answer your secret question if you forget your password. This is for security purposes so we can be sure you are who you say you are.

Date of birth - We ask for date of birth to help improve the online safety of our young BBCi members, it allows us to protect our younger members by guiding them to safer BBCi sites. Some DNA Communities will only be open to members aged 16 years old and above.

Remember me? - If you tick the 'remember me' box, the computer you are using now will remember your member name and password the next time you visit BBCi - saving you the time typing them in again.

However, for your security, only use this service if you are at a computer that only you use. Never tick 'remember me' if you are using a computer in an internet café, library where lots of people have access to it, or even at home if it's possible that your friends or other family members may access your account.

Step 2 - Your rights and responsibilities

This page highlights the main points for you in 'Your rights and responsibilities', you are legally required to read in full and agree to the Terms of Use relating to BBCi services and Privacy Policy. The documents explain how we will handle the information you entrust us with. You should only agree and continue your membership application, if you have read the documents in full.

Step 3 - Tell us a little more about yourself

We need you to check and update your details. Some of the details on this page are marked as optional.

Email address - It is important that you give us a current and correct email address as we will check that it is working at Step 4 of the membership process by emailing you and asking you to reply.

We need your email address for moderation purposes. If you alert a moderator (or if someone else alerts a moderator about you), we will send you an email telling you of any action taken by us.

Step 4 - Reply to the email validation

You will be automatically sent an email to confirm and validate your email address. You can chose to validate your email address either by clicking on the link in the email or by replying to the email.

That's it!

1 that is a Personal Space on h2g2, collective, WW2, Get Writing, Talk London, Sense of Place, Parent to Parent

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